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I am still new with this posting thing so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place...


I'm thinking about going to Studio Maestro ( in NYC) starting from January. Does this school count as a real pre-pro school (like SAB ) or is it more of a recreational school? I've checked out their website and it says you can choose how many classes you take ( I thought that was STRANGE) Their schedule seems to fit perfectly with my highschool schedule so I will be able to continue attending an excellent school (Stuy). If there is anyone here from Studio Maestro please respond



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Dear Lilac Fairy, I have no information to offer regarding Studio Maestro, but I did see that it was discussed abit in this thread: Studios in NYC. So while you are waiting for someone to answer you, perhaps that thread can give you a headstart. :)

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Maestro would probably be considered both a pre-pro and a recreational school. Some who attend want and have achieved professional careers and others just want to be the best dancer they can be. My DD attended and for a small school and relatively new (less then 10 years old), I think their record is impressive. Two dancers in the corps at ABT, one in South Carolina Ballet, one in Complexions, one a trainee at Orldano Ballet several in the advanced division at SAB and several dancing abroad in various companies. Maestro students regularly get into the top SI's: Boston, PNB, Miami, Orlando.


The training combines French classicism with Balanchine. The serious and advanced students attend 6 days per week.

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Just to let you know, most the students who attend part time are attending other ballet schools, and are serious ballet focus. Most are in the younger age level. There is not a large amount, due to limit space.

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Is it worth it to be an "unlimited student" ?

Does that mean you can take classes in lower levels?

Does it also apply to open classes ?


Would it be okay to walk in to check out the facilities and classes or should i call in to make an appointment?


:) Thankyou

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It pays to take unlimited, if you are planing to take more then 6 classes a week.(Remember pointe and techique count as two classes. You are place in a level, and may take unlimited classes in any lower level. The "open class" are really just a regular class level, you are allow to pay $20. a class, people visiting, checking out the school usually do this, if there is room that day. It would be better to call first, just let them know your age, the number classes your take, how long you been doing ballet. Here is there the web site.



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Just so you know there is workshop coming up Dec 26-Dec 30. This is for the annual spring performance. If you are seriously considering coming in January, you may want to take a class before Saturday. The winter break starts Dec 18. You are allow to do workshop even if you don't come to the school.

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