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I am finding it hard to repspond to a correction I have been getting lately. My teacher is telling me to wrap my legs, not have a square butt etc. I have a good degree of natural turnout and am able to hold it in plies, etc but when I am standing I apparantly don't hold it. I know she is right but am finding it hard to feel those muscles when standing still in a position. Do you know of good exercises or visualization to improve this?

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Oh, that's one of my favourite corrections :) I've found it a really helpful short-hand for turning out on a straight supporting leg. Other corrections that help me reach the same feeling is lifting strongly up and out of your hips so the legs have room to turn out; feeling (easy in first) the inside of the thigh rotating to the front and making a flat plane, soft and reaching up and down; feeling the inside of the leg pushing to the ground while you are lifting up.


A good exercise for me has been with a balance board (or wobble board, whatchacallit). Stand on one leg in parallel on the board, taking care to feel the weight well distributed through the foot. The other leg can be sur le cou de pied. Plie in parallel, then turn out on the standing leg in plie without wiggling or lifting the foot or anything. (The weight stays evenly distributed, which for me helps in finding true rotation with arches lifted.) Then turn back to parallel and come back up from the plie. Repeat, maybe 2 x 5 times rather slowly at first for each leg. The harder version, either do it without the plie, or starting in plie but coming up for the rotation.

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