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Any sons at Walnut Hill or similar schools?


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From previous posts I've found two schools that might be good for my son, excellent academics/good ballet/not to far. I would like to know if anybody has some personal or second hand experience or advice about boys going to Walnut Hill , St. Paul's School, or a similar boarding school.


Things like what was the the admission procedure like; which came first - academic admission or dance audition, when/if did they take the SSAT?


And most importantly how are they doing now that they are there!

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One of our students went there for his Jr. & Sr. years, and will be attending Julliard for his Freshman year of college.

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This thread may be of interest:


Walnut Hill Year-round

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My son was at the Rock for 2 years. They seemed to me to equally stress academics and dance.His senior year he applied to colleges and did company auditions. Both were options and I felt that he was well equipped to do either. Let me know if you want further info.

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