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I passed....yehaaa


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About eight weeks ago my ballet teacher decided that i should learn and take the intermediate examination with NATD (National Association of Teachers of Dancing... society in the UK). I stupidly said ok not really thinking she would put me in for the Christmas session. So i learnt everything quick time and did not really have time to polish it all off and was then given 9th December for the exam.


9th December at 3pm..... oops i was meant to be on stage for panto at that time so it was changed to first ting in the morning so i could get to london to be on stage for the mattinee. Then to top it off a week and a half before the exam i had an accident at work, fell on the floor and badly sprained my ankle. I had some ultrasound on it to try and help the healing and managed to get my pointe shoes on the day before my exam.


The day of the exam i was very nervous..... was unsure if i knew everything and tanked up with meds to stop the pain that was shooting through my ankle (a sane person would have not done panto week or a ballet exam) before i knew it i was in the studio being put through my paces. Then we came to free work... this i was not looking forward to... the examiner gave me stuff to do that was not in the syllabus infact its not even in the next level but i did it nonetheless. Then i got to the pointe section and i fell of the very last releve which the examiner did not see.


ANYWAY tonight i went into my lesson still with a bad ankle... (its worse than before so making a docs appt over the next day or two) and my teacher looked at me with a grave face and report in her hand, then she smiled.... I PASSED WITH A MERIT :):D:hyper: i could not speak. I thought i may have scraped through with a pass but to get a merit i was totally dumbfounded.


I am now starting my advanced one but instead of doing it in eight weeks i am taking it in 6 months....


I am so happy i passed, i just had to share it with you all :hyper::crying::crying:

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Congratulations! I am completely unfamiliar with NATD and their system of testing but it sounds as if you did quite well. Now please take good care of yourself so that in six months you can do a repeat performance of this last exam. Good luck with your doctor's apppointment!

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OK, stupid American expression with no known real meaning ... still, kudos to you with bells on!


Today my wife tells me she got a 4.0 (the highest possible grade) in her Design class, which she very nearly audited instead of trying to take it for credit because she thought she'd be terrible at it. "Everyone" says this professor never gives a 4.0. She worked her backside off this quarter, and I'm immensely proud. (Yes, I did all the cooking and much of the cleaning this quarter!)


Anyhow, this sounds like the same kind of thing, gives it an extra dimension of understanding maybe. Congratulations!!


Now go put up a post on the Champagne Couch, OK? :^)

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Oh wow, Skippy that's fantastic! congratulations :bouncing:


:( And how was the pantomime? You keep promising to let us know when & where so that there can be a BT4D claque in the audience .... :huepfen:

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Congratulations!! :( Good luck with the Advanced exam and I hope your ankle is ok.


Now that you've done the NATD exam as well, how do you think it compares to RAD and ISTD exams?

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Thanks peeps,


Olddude, please pass on my congrats to your wife even though she will not have a clue who from...


I am so sorry for not getting back to you all about the panto... it was manic in the final month before the run of the show and i did not have time to get on here. However next year the panto is going to be Cinderella so i promise to give the dates as soon as i get them so we can organize something...... it would be so good to have a drink afterwards and really get to know one another..... we should do one before then of course :(


As for the exam, learning the syllabus with NATD seemed easier at the time but going into the exam the stress load was the same. My examiner is meant to be one of the leading examiners in the society and is not meant to give marks away lightly so my teacher was very very pleased. I would say technically it is slightly easier however saying that i started advanced one last night and it is going to be fairly tough. There is a lot of adage (which is in my favour as i love adage) and it is more in line with RAD and ISTD. I am going to have to get my strength up for this next one :huepfen:


skippy xxx

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Congratulations skippy! What a nice Christmas present for you!


You sound a lot like me in the ignoring pain department. I know it was an exam that you felt you couldn't miss, but please, please don't dance with a serious injury if you can at all help it. It may seem virtuous at the time, but it just gets you into trouble down the road. Back in September I too "badly sprained" my ankle and danced on it fo 2 90 minute classes that same day. I made it worse by doing so and found out that I had a 3rd degree lateral sprain as well as a fracture of the joint's cartilagenous surface and bone. I'm lined up for surgery in June to debride the joint, remove a piece of cartilage and that would never have displaced if I had not danced on it, and possibly (I'm praying this won't have to happen) re-break the ankle (which healed incorrectly) and re-set it.


I'm not trying to scare you or anything, I just want to stress the importance of taking care of yourself so that you don't have to learn the hard way. You said: "ANYWAY tonight i went into my lesson still with a bad ankle... (its worse than before so making a docs appt over the next day or two)..." I hope you didn't dance during your lesson, or are taking your doctor's advice about how far you should push yourself :) In ballet, your body is your only instument- never forget that.


Sorry for the lecture! I'm such a nag sometimes. Now for my pressing question: what is "free work"?

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Thank you SFG for that advice..... i am my own worst enemy. I have stupidly danced before on a bad ankle and ended up in a worse state..... have done myself no favours again this time round but i am having a break from dancing for the next four weeks and getting my ankle looked at.


DSL, the RAD inter is harder but in a different way..... i may have found it easier if i had not learnt it in 8 wks and had a strong healthy ankle. I am pleased i did it and would say to others to go for it..... it kind of prepares you for the RAD....


skippy :)

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I'm not familiar with NATD, though I have heard of it, but I can imagine learning it in 8 weeks with a bad ankle was pretty tough.


And Grace, "free work" just means previously unrehearsed combinations set by the examiner on the day (my syllabus has them as well), which should be taken from a set vocabulary of steps. (The majority of the exam would consist of set combinations.)



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Congratulations Skippy!




That's a great result. I don't know about all that suffering for your art, though - I hope your ankle is properly recovered now.

Have fun with the next grade up.

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