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Abdominal Strength


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I know that abdominal strength is important in addition to flexibility and leg strength for extensions, but why is abdominal strength important?

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Hello, Curtis, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :wacko:


That's a very good question for you to lead off with here at the board. :D


The body is a vastly complex network of systems that allow people to do all nature of things, including things that dancers do that to ordinary mortals, "can't be did". The muscles in the legs are not independent of the trunk of the body, and many of them anchor in the abdomen, whether in front or in back. The torso houses the center of gravity of the body, and provides the "tower" from which all the appendages extend. Part of what we mean when we talk about "coôrdination" is the ability of the person to make all these interconnected systems work harmoniously together to produce dance!

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