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Palm Beach Atlantic University

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I do not know anything about the university. However, I did look around at the site. I only saw one faculty member listed in the dance department. It is possible they only listed associate professors and do have some other faculty members but it is something I would definitely look into further.

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I was wondering about the faculty as well, but due to the number of classes offered, there must be more staff.

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I recently went to check out this college for myself. The campus was beautiful!!! It is in West Palm Beach on a small campus where everything is in walking distance (including the beach and lots of nice places for shopping!!). Everyone was welcoming and helpful, and the college had a friendly, relaxing enviroment.

As for the dance program...

The ballet teacher there is absolutely incredible!! She trained at SAB, was a Principal at ABT for 8 years, and was personally hired by Barishnikov. I took 2 ballet classes as well as a partnering class from her. Even at her age, she is very flexible and in shape, and demonstrated everything full out and beautifully. She seemed very intrested in the individual students, and really focused on breaking down everyones technique and perfecting it. She gave me personal corrections during or after every single combination, and really tried to work with me on my weak areas. When I came back to my studio after this trip, I could feel improvement in those areas just from those few classes with her!

My biggest concern about the programm is the lack of strong ballet dancers. It seems like at the time, many of the dancers are more modern-based. BUT, there were several very talented ballet dancers, including the guy I partnered with, who graduated from Harid. The ballet teacher started there two years ago, so it seems like since then they are moving in the direction of a more ballet based program. Hopefully they will be drawing some stronger dancers over the next few years.


They also mentioned that there are oppurtunities for very talented dancers to dance with Ballet Florida. The teacher told us that she has connections with many dance companies, and would be able to easily reccomend her students to company directors. It sounds like she really works with her stronger dancers and tries to highlight them and give them more performance oppurtunities.


Can anyone give me any guidance as to whether this is worth considering despite the lack of strong dancers? Im just thinking that it may be good to have a phenomenal teacher who can give me alot of personal mentoring and guidance, where I can be a top dancer and possibly a part of Ballet Flordia.

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Only 1 ballet teacher in the entire school? If that is the case, the program sounds pretty limited in scope. It also says a great deal about the university's commitment to ballet. But if you really feel you want to train under this teacher and you love the school, it is your choice and more power to you.

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I think that she is the main ballet teacher. This is the first program I have visited so I wasn't sure if that was typical or not. Even though this one teacher is excellent, I think the lack of more strong dancers/more teachers is a definite concern about the program.


No, it is a program for dance majors. You are required to take at least 10 technique (between ballet and modern) a week, plus pointe, partnering, variations, jazz, tap, etc. I think most dancers take about 3 classes a day. They also have a dance ensemble which is 3.5 hours of rehearsal two days a week.

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I want to have a back up, just in case, so I will probably double major if I pursue dance in college. But that would be very difficult! :thumbsup:

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