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Guest sugarplummy5

Is anyone a current student there? A friend of mine majoring in musical theatre told me that they just built a new arts center and are looking for more dance majors; however, I don't know anything about the quality of the program, or even if it is more ballet- or modern-focused. It seems a fledgling program would offer lots of individual attention, but potentially mediocre instruction. Does anyone know?

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I took a look at the web site. Here are a few observations.


A dance minor is offered; no audition is required.


Three levels of ballet are offered; beginning, intermediate and advanced.


The advanced class met twice a week in fall, 2006 and four students were enrolled. Also for fall, 2006, ballet classes of any level were offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only.


The Modern III class was cancelled for fall, 2006.

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I don't know about the program itself, but I've been to AU two summers in a row for US Performing Arts camp for dance, and this past summer we used the new arts center, the Katzen, and it's gorgeous. The studio we used was amazing and the whole center was great. So nice facility, but I don't know about the program.

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It was through US Performing Arts Camps, and it was great! It was only one week long, but I definitely felt like I improved both years. It's ages 12-18 and we danced about 6 or so hours a day, ballet, tap, and jazz. At night we did different things, like workshops (first year it was a workshop to understanding orchestrations in musical theatre), and a tour backstage at the Kennedy Center. At the end of the week we did a mini performance type thing. The teachers were amazing and I loved the program both years :party:

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It sounds like this summer program is not really part of the University, but that US Performing Arts Camps just uses the facility, is that right?


Unless things have changed drastically, the dance program at AU would not meet requirements for a serious ballet student. They do, however, have a very fine graduate program in Arts Management.

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Does anyone have any information on the ballet program at AU? I just visited and they took us through the new arts center but didnt mention anything about ballet. I wonder if I could take classes at washington ballet because I believe that is not that far. Any information would be great!

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Since the time has come when I have to start looking at colleges *gasp* I have been consitering AU.

I'm driving up to the campus later next week (and I have a tour planned) I will make a note to ask about the current program, and I will share what I have learned here.


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I am currently a senior in high school this year and AU is my top college choice! Hopefully I will be attending next year! Does anyone have experience with their ballet program or know anything about Washington's Ballets open classes?Any information would be great!

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Anyone know anything about ballet at AU? I know there's an unauditioned advanced ballet class...

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