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i would like some information


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Here in Greece ballet has a very low level....I would like to know about ballet in other countries...how you get in professional school....for how many years....what classes are you taking...how many hours a day.....?etc...!

Also I would like to know about modern dance in other countries....here in greece we have 3 different systems....graham which is the one I like....limon ....and release......! If you want a dancer or a teacher you have to do both of them (classic ballet and modern)!

And about the systems in classic ballet there is the english system (R.A.D) and the russian (Vaganova)! I prefer the russian....you?

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AngieBallet--welcome to our forums. We hope you will enjoy your time here. Since you are new, we suggest you read our stickies at the top of the forums of newcomers. They are guidelines and suggestions for how things are done. They will help you navigate.


You have asked many questions that would be answered in different areas of our forum rather than in one place. Take a few minutes to look around, many of your questions may be already answered, and if they are not you can search to find a topic where they have been discussed and place your questions there. People will more readily answer in those threads rather than here.


We look forward to your input here.

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