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:D For me I love adage (I have good extension), grand allegro, and turns like clara101 described!
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It depends on the day! If I am really nailing pirouettes, then I love turning, but other than that it's Grand Allegro for me!

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Guest GetThePointe?

I love ALL jumps, turns and anything "from the corner". Although, sometimes, when I am having a really awesome day, I LOVE barre. Adage is the hardest thing for me since I have AAAAWWWWFFFFUUULLLL extension, but I geuss that is what will make me a better dancer, won't it? Working hard and loving adage, that is.



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I love barre! :angry: It's so technical and so clean cut. :dry:

There is something reliable about the barre work so you know what you're doing and feel steadied.


Anne x

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I lovve the turns! Any of them.... My favourite part is when we do free work( non syllabus) and we spin really fast.

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Adaigo and grand allegro are my favorites.

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Guest lillydancer1649

I love jumping and doin combinations from the corner! I also like to turn ((but i can only do it well on the right side, left side not so much)) and i like barre.


[Edited by moderator to correct "barre", which is what we use in ballet. A "bar" is where one goes to drink. :angry: ]

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