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Best route to take after break from injury...

Guest Prima.Dreams

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Guest Prima.Dreams

Around Thanksgiving, my tendons tightened up and my calves got actual KNOTS in them. I've been out of ballet since doing therepy for 3 days a week. My therepist finally said I could go back to ballet, but with one exception - I can only go for 45 minutes MAX for awhile. I don't know what exactly I should do - Take regular classes or privates. I'd prefer privates, but I know they are meant for working on one or two things only, and not for everything. My regular classes, on the other hand, are 2 ours long 4 days a week. I'd like to do them, but there are a lot of things I've missed out on while gone. I'm afraid I'll be behind majorly and get confused and frustrated and overwork myself! i also don't want to leave class early, as it would be a waste of money and a distraction.

Please help?



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Start in by taking regular class 2x/week. Barre only. Then sit out the rest of the class and watch center. You can still learn a lot that way. You may even have to skip some relevés in the first couple of classes. Do this until your therapist advises that you can do more. As you gain back strength and flexibility, then start taking more regular classes, again barre only. After a couple of weeks of that, then you can start adding the relevés, and perhaps center work as far as adage. Returning after a prolonged absence is almost a science in itself.

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Knock, Knock. DD has been rehabilitating from hip surgery last August. She has been doing the partial class thing since November. The theory is that it is better to do more partial classes -- i.e. barre only, or barre plus some center -- than one or two full classes. DD has enjoyed being back with her ballet friends. At first, she thought it might be hard to break into the group -- she had just been promoted a level when this happened -- or she thought she'd feel weird sitting down after barre. However, it has been a big boost to rejoin the crowd and get back into the routine. I think that's one of the main benefits of doing classes versus privates.


Can you work out some financial arrangement with your studio so you do not pay for full classes? We honestly aren't yet sure what we will be charged; DD started back in the middle of the semester, and she has been keeping a log of classes she attends, and how much of each one. At some point, we'll sit down and reach an agreement about the fees.


Balletbooster has said that it should take it should take as many weeks to build back to a full class as you were out for injury.

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