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Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey -New Brunswick

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Hi I was wondering if anyone could provide some information about the dance program at Rutgers. I do not want to be a dance major but I would like to take ballet as an elective. If anyone could answer these questions I would greatly appreciate it.

1. Can non-dance majors take ballet?

2. Are there placement classes?-how many yrs of experience would you classify each level with?

3. Dress code? (& dress code at the placement class?)

4. How are the teachers?

5. Rest of the class-what the girls are like (dancing ability etc)


I think that's it.


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Rutgers (Mason Gross School of the Arts) is a modern program so there are not many ballet classes. I'd suggest calling Sherry Alban (ballet) to see if you can take some classes. PDT (Susan Jaffe's school) is within a half hour also.

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Non-majors can take classes. there is no placement class, but you will get stuck in a low level class by the "system" until you have the pre-requisites or until you can get them waved.


Sherry Alban is terrific. I'm not sure who else is teaching there.


There used to be adult classes available at American Repertory Ballet, but I'm not sure whether that is still the case.


Ballet classes are not available every day. the most advanced class only meets 3 times a week.

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