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I was just wondering if anyone had heard of the Victoria Ballet School in Thornhill, Ontario. I saw a van going along the 401 the other day and searched them on the internet. It looks like they are a private Vaganova school.

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Victoria Mironova, the director and founder of the school, graduated from the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg and spent a year in Dudinskaya's class. She danced professionally for 2 decades in Russia and returned to the Vaganova Academy to study pedagogy. She arrived in Canada about 7 or 8 years ago and began teaching at my children's ballet school, the Academy of Ballet and Jazz, also in Thornhill. She taught there for a few years, learning a lot from Nadia Veselova-Tencer, then left to open her own ballet academy. The Victoria Ballet Academy is both an academic (through grade 12) and ballet school. The academic teachers are originally from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Latvia, and some have teaching experience in Canada, as well.


Here is the link to their website:


Victoria Ballet Academy

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I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything or had any experience with the Victoria Ballet Academy in Thornhill Ontario. I came across it on the internet, but I have never heard anything about it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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The second link below will lead you to a post of mine from last May when you asked the same question. I have no personal experience with her school but I knew Victoria when she taught at the Academy of Ballet & Jazz. Perhaps you should look into the Academy of Ballet & Jazz as well. Here is the link for it:


Academy of Ballet & Jazz


Victoria Ballet Academy


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My appologies. I knew that I had asked the question before, but I wondered if anything new had come up. I did a search and it didn't return anything including my question from last year. I must have done something wrong. Thank you for the information though I will look at the link that you have given me.


I was really hoping for someone with experience of the school.

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We had experience with Victoria Ballet Academy. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this forum, I can not discuss the details of our experience.

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Please feel free to discuss issues in a factual manner. Here is a Sticky on the SI forums that explains our position:


Keeping with the spirit of BT4Ds, we welcome the free exchange of information as it relates to Classical Ballet. It is crucial that we maintain protections over all of our members. This means that we must allow all information to be exchanged. This may include the exchange of less than positive information.


To that end, we request of our parents and students that as they are relating information, they bear in mind the concept of Constructive Criticism. Constructive criticism is a form of communication in which a person tries to correct the behavior of another in a non-authoritarian way, and is generally, a diplomatic approach about a situation where the behavior may need to be addressed. It is 'constructive' as opposed to a command or an insult and is meant as a peaceful and benevolent approach.


Because of the protections offered, we also reserve the right to reprimand Program Administrators and Representatives, if they disrespect the parents or students who write thoughtfully about their situation, and especially condemn any program that wreaks repercussions upon members of their own community, based solely upon what is written here on Ballet Talk for Dancers.


As long as our members are keeping Constructive Criticism foremost in their mind, and are sincerely wishing to educate and effect change, we implore programs to listen, respect the perception, and recognize that there may need to be some changes made within their realm.

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PowerSpark, also be sure that anything you post is first hand information/experience, and not things you have heard. In addition to the above post on constructive criticism, we also have a hearsay rule.

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Well, thank you for the encouragement. I will try to discuss our experience objectively.

VBA is a private art school owned by Victoria Mironova and her husband. Children have 1.5 hours of ballet and 45-50 minutes of other dance disciplines daily (except Wednesdays), so as to the number of hours devoted to ballet practice we never felt that the Academy fullfilled the requirements of being a professional school. For exmaple, there are other art schools in Toronto (Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, Claude Watson Art Program at Earl Haig and many others where kids have the same amount of hours devoted to ballet and other forms of dance without claiming themselves to be professional schools). Twice a year the students of the VBA put out shows, and then ballet technique classes lasted 20-30 minutes just to warm up for the rehearsals. This shortening of ballet classes happened for a few weeks in December and May.

When my daughter went to that school, there were less than 10 children in the full time program. Academics were arranged with some teachers, the year went by , but we decided to leave due to both personal reasons and technique.

I really have a great appreciation of the Russian Vaganova method especially when it is taught by an EXPERIENCED principal dancer of a PRESTIGEOUS ballet company that boasts the best repetitors and rehearsalers (e.g. Kirov and Bolshoi); the method that emphasizes the correct turn out from the hips, simultaneously maintaining line of gravity of the student over the heels not behind. Not every Russian teacher can teach Vaganova method, that is for sure. Not even everyone who was trained at the Vaganova Academy.

Back to our personal experience with the school. Unfortunately our experience at that school was such that my daughter's turn out was more at her feet and knees (dangerous thing). Every movement she executed was with her feet turned out at 180 degrees, knees pointing straight forward, and hips are not turned out to her maximum capacity, leading to her line of gravity shifted to the back . Needless to say, turns and jumps didn't work out because of that faulty placement She was in pain all the time, it took her 1 year after quitting that school to build healthy technique that hopefully will last her a lifetime.

Since the school is young, and the oldest kids in the school are in the first year of high school, only time will show if the training under Victoria Mironova will result in her students "maybe" getting jobs at the National Ballet of Canada (dubbed as "the closest " to VBA), Grand Opera in Paris, Mariynski etc, something that she claims on her website:



That was only part of our personal experience with VBA, I hope that other students might have had one different from ours.

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As a student of the Victoria Ballet Academy(VBA) I would like to express my opinion towards the school.


Every single day- Monday-Friday+Sunday the students of the full-time professional program of VBA have our daily academic studies in addition to, we have ballet and other forms of dance classes from 10:45-12:15 and from 2:45-3:35 daily, 11:00-1:00 weekends(not including the fact that we have rehersals several hours a day for upcoming perforamces.)


I've had the chance to participate in many auditions,from which i recieved many good remarks about how well I have been taught, including remarks from the National Ballet School of Canada, to which I had been offered acception,yet I chose to stay with VBA to the following reasons:

1). The method of teaching goes accordigly to the Vaganova Syllabus.

2). The teachers take time to explain thoroughly each movement to the students

3). Each student experiences an individual approach from the teachers.

4). The school offers a cozy, home-like environment for the students.

5). The big, spacious dance rooms

6). The teachers of dance give amazing technique and perfect basics

7). It is enjoyable to work in the classes with the teachers who are always willing to help

8). The strong academic level of studies and a great opportunity to receive high-school credits


In conclusion, I feel VBA has given me ALOT of technique and amazing basics.


I hope this helped those who were doubting the school, or those who wanted to learn more about it!!!


P.S-VBA is open to the public, so feel free to stop by and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of our magically created school!!! :)

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Hi, everybody!

My daughter is a student of Victoria Ballet Academy. So far we had only positive experiences with the school. Moreover, this is the first place where we learned about the true importance of turn-out coming from the hips and how to correctly use it. My daughter became much more flexible (especially her back) than ever before, rather soon after entering the school. Our previous experience at the Academy of Ballet and Jazz and also at Claude Watson School for the Arts cannot even be compared with the care and attention combined with the high level of professional training that we have received at VBA.

Dance classes at VBA (no matter professional or evening/recreational) are part of the well thought-out program with the following goals: developing flexibility (ballet-gymnastics class); learning ballet techniques (ballet class); learning pointe techniques but only when the student attends a sufficient amount of ballet classes; and the study of character and historic dances.

We love our highly qualified teachers – Victoria Mironova and Elena Dmitrieva. And we highly recommend this school to students looking for high quality ballet education in Canada.

The best way to answer questions raised in this forum is to come and visit the school or its performances. For example, there is an open ballet exam coming on May 31st and everybody is welcome. Based on our previous experience the ballet exam is a spectacular and joyful event.

We would like to also mention that we loved our previous dance schools and remember the teachers with the greatest respect, but if one aspires to become a professional dancer Victoria Ballet Academy is a preferable choice. We do not regret in the least entering this wonderful, friendly, and strong, positive team of VBA.

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Vasya and Paquita, I would like to welcome you both to Ballet Talk for Dancers. I do hope that you are here to participate in our discussions, and not just to promote one school. We have a lot of very interesting topics on this forum, both for students and parents, as well as teachers, and anyone else directly involved in ballet.

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