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Yes try calling tommorow at 10:45 or after 12, I believe there should be some staff member available to answer, like I said it is a pretty small school so they don't always have someone working the desk. 

The scheudle for Hamilton City Ballet may look limited but also there are classes going on all day through Hamilton Acedmy of the Preforming Arts (HAPA), same place and same people just a different name for the private day school, a few students take classes at the day school and stay for evening classes too, so be sure to check out HAPAs schedule too I'm sure it fits the requirements of how much class a pre pro boy should need. I would link the website but I'm not sure if this forum allows it (edit, it is appernently: http://haofpa.com/). Also note that most of the media from the website is from when the school first opened maybe 7 years ago when they didn't have any teenage students, now they have a much larger teenage pre-pro student base.

As for the caliber, I think it's quite execellent. There are no auditions for the pre-pro program so not all the graduates go on to dance professionally (as they aren't quite built for it and also want to pursue other things). It's definitely good quality training, (edit) it is by far the best classes I've ever taken anywhere in Ontario. Plus, since it is a small school the teachers are able to be really invested in the dancers progression. I think a young man in this program would get all the help he needs to suceeed. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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It is permissible to link Ballet school websites, especially in these Finding a Pre-Pro Ballet School threads.  :D

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Thank you Chasse for the information.  You are correct, I would not have guessed anything you mentioned from the website.  Are you a current student?

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I checked the rules and it there doesn't seem to be any rules against answering 'if I am a current student', which I am, but I was told not to post where I go to school a few months ago so mods if please delete this if I am not supposed to answer this question.

Before there was a private day school it was just called Hamilton City Ballet, when the implemented the school (HAPA) I believe they had to pick another name because it was a separate business for legal reasons. HAPA is also a full preforming arts day school, I know they put on a musical every year in March, and have music lessons where everyone has to study an instrument.

I am not in the pre-pro program of HAPA (the private day school) but I am a student at HCB, I am a university student at a near by university. I train with the HCB teens (good classes but not necessarily pre pro) and the HCB adults (ranging from hobbyists to ex-professionals), but I dance with all the students (HAPA and HBC combined) in the Nutcracker and end of year recital, and like I said most HAPA students take HCB classes to get more dance in, so I know mostly everyone from HAPA as well. The point I am trying to make is that I 'know what is going on here' so feel free to ask if you have any more questions. 

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Thank you Chasse, we have scheduled a class on Tuesday so DS can dance and meet Max.  Melania suggested that DS would most likely train with Max and take the classes starting at 2:50.  DD was excited about the Flamenco class,too.  She can't take pointe anymore but misses dancing.  Hopefully this will work out well.  We are hopeful and can't wait for Tuesday!

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I'm glad I could help! I hope it is what you are looking for 😊. Also ask about Nutcracker, we are already a few rehearsals in but we could use another guy. I know you live far away though so it might be too far for a Sunday rehearsal. 

Best of luck for Tuesday! 

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Mom2 have you ever attended classes there? I was just wondering what it was like personally, because I like to branch out and try other teachers from time to time. However, I don't think it is a pre pro school. Their highest level of ballet is only 3 hours a week and only offers pointe once a week. Unless they have a pre pro program that I am unaware of?

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I haven't taken classes there myself (being as I'm an old mom and all).  That said, teacher bios are good and I know a couple of folks who have taught classes there in the last year.  Teaching credentials seem good, but perhaps the schedule isn't ideal for a pre-pro?

I'm asking my contacts for suggestions - will let you know if I hear of anything beyond what's been suggested on this thread.

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It is a competitive studio but Canadian Dance Company has a strong ballet program. They are in Oaville and Burlington. There are lots of boys there.

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Pointy Toes,

Here is a link to the National Ballet School website regarding the Associates Program.  It does appear that they would have classes for a young man your son's age:


I know it's quite a distance for you, especially if you are in the US and would need to cross the border to attend class, but you could always check it out.  There are some schools in Oakville and Mississauga in particular that use teachers who have trained at the school, or been with the company however I couldn't say how many young men they have in their programs.  Hopefully Hamilton City Ballet is able to meet your family's needs currently.  Your son could always audition for the NBS full-time program for fall 2019.  I see there is an audition in St. Catherine's in January 2019.  Here is a link to the audition schedule:

NBS audition schedule 2018-19

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Hey Everyone,

I am a university student looking for a school in LONDON, ONTARIO, I tried posting on the adult board but I haven't gotten any responses, so I hope that it is okay that I ask here. 

I got offered a really cool co-op job in London and I need to find a school since I will be unable to make it to my usual classes (at a small pre-pro school) in Hamilton. I am also very picky about my dance classes and struggled a lot last summer when I was on co-op in a different city and could not find any adequate training (classes with under-qualified teachers who taught bad technique and had dangerously structured classes, trying to fit a whole class into an hour, forbidding people to stretch before or after class, for example).

I am looking for high quality Vaganova, Checetti, or Balachine classes, preferable with a recital (like a proper ballet) that I might be able to squeeze into and participate in. I would prefer not RAD since I have never had a good experience with RAD classes and last summer I took RAD (and adjusted to their technique at the teachers request) and I am still trying to undo the damage it did to my Vaganova technique. I am a quick student who picks up on choreography fast and I don't mind joining a class midway through the term and I would promise not to disrupt the class by doing so. I am willing to be very flexible to make this work. I currently take adult and teen classes (at my studio the adult advanced classes and highest grade teen classes are almost the same curriculum-wise and consist of an overlapping set of dancers) and am looking for adult or teen classes of a similar caliber. I understand some studios are stricter about people dropping into a teen class but I am hopping someone will understand my situation. 

Dance is the only think that keeps my mental health (and my physical health and emotional health) in check and so I will not take this job if I cannot dance.

I am willing to be a little flexible, please let me know if you know any schools :)

I have emailed Victoria Carter London Dance School which seems like the only Vaganova option. All other schools seem very 'Dolly Dinkle'-esque with some only offering up to RAD Adv.1, which I've already completed, or one open level class for all adult dancers. Please let me know if you know of any good schools in London or the surrounding areas.





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There is a Cecchetti school in London, per Cecchetti Canada's website, but I don't know anything about it and haven't ever met the teacher.  

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Western has a minor in dance; you might check with them to see what they have and/or what they'd suggest.

The Carter school would have been the one I suggested you contact.  There might also be some good options in Guelph, but transportation could be an issue depending on location.

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I’ve emailed the overarching Cecchetti board since I’m not sure the studio of the teacher listed on the website. I’ve actually cold emailed a lot of schools and I might start calling the ones who don’t respond next week. I think I’ll have to cold-email who ever is in charge of Western dance as well, since I’m not sure how I could enroll in their classes if I’m not a Western student. However, I did look at their “Non-music Majors Classes” and it looks like their highest level of ballet is only “intermediate”. 


I’ve never heard of any good studios in Guelph, although if I’m going all the way to Guelph I might as well go the extra 30 minutes back to Hamilton, right? 

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