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I just did some googling for you.  Karin Hobby isn't listed on the Cecchetti site, but I do remember that name from workshops in the past.  Looks like she does more RAD in her school.  They seem to have an "Advanced" adult ballet class.  

You might also find that there's some kind of small adult dance group operating out of university studios that isn't affiliated with anyone; I've found that to be the case a few times in the past.

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Thanks ascballerina,

I’ve contacted Karin Hobby and I think I’ll try her adult adv. class, but that is still only one class a week. I have emailed a bunch more studios and am waiting to hear back. Worst case I can rent some studio space and work on my own stuff for a bit. 

As for the small unaffiliated groups, do you have any suggestions on how I would find them? What should I google? 

I think everything will work out, it’s a shame I really wanted to preform in a recital this year but it seems every single schools just do one of those “every class does a little dance” recitals instead of putting on a ballet. I guess that’s part of being an adult :( 


Thanks again everyone for the help! And let me know if you have any more ideas/schools :) 

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Try searching something like dance london ontario on Facebook (and then hit the pages and/or groups filter).  You could also ask the London Dance Shoppe for options in the area; they would be likely to know. 

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PointyToes, I am curious how your search went for dance classes for your DS? The reason I ask, is because I too am seeking training options for my DS. Thank you!

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Since October DS-16 has been  dancing with the Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts.  He performed in the Nutcracker and will be performing in Pulchinella and Coppelia this spring.  Overall we are very satisfied and now my DS-12 and DD-6 also dance at the Hamilton City Ballet in the evenings.  DS-16's technique has improved, his confidence increased and he is happy; they treat him well and he gets lots of corrections.  DS-12 has been steadily improving and DD enjoys her class and is learning.  There are 6 older boys: 2 day students, 4 evening students plus DS-12.If there is enough interest next year the school would like to offer a mens class.  

As a parent I am pleased that the other students are also academically inclined and the school encourages well academically well rounded students, not just dancers. The downside is distance.  We travel over an hour to the studio, but if we could find excellent training closer we would not be driving to Canada every day. As long as the boys continue to improve, I do not think we will need to send away our sons for advanced training and I feel very comfortable having turned down an offer to SAB this past fall to attend HAPA instead.

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PointyToes, I'm so sorry for responding late! Thank you for sharing your experience with HAPA. I am so glad that it is working well for your family! 


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