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Demi Plie (Sp?)

Guest Prima.Dreams

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Guest Prima.Dreams

Sorry if I don't spell this right, I'mtoolazy togograbmy decionary xD


I am going back to ballet soonand I've been soing some at home barre work. I've been working on Tendus, Plies, and Developes. One thing I noticed while doing demi plie is that my hips weren't lined out with my knees. After look at it, it kinda looked akward. I was wondering if when in a demi plie you're supposed tobe a straight line. If so, do you have any streaching suggestions for streaching the muscles used?




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PD, it's the knees that have to be line up with the middle toes in demi plié. The rotation to do this comes from the hips, and the hips must stay in place. Maintain your alignment, and when you bend your knees feel like you are going up, not down. In second position the hips stay in centered between the knees. Don't let the pelvis go back, or go down so far that it looks like you are sitting.


Correct demi pliés and grand plié are about placement first, rotation second. The rotation must be within your correct alignment and weight placement.

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