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Wishing on a star


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This is not a whine or a rant but just wishful thinking on my part. Maybe others out there wish they could do something or have something that isn't totally unrealistic but just know that it probably won't happen. So, here goes mine.

I'm into my 4th year of dancing (I'm in my 30's) and absolutely loving it. I feeling like I'm at a point where I want to be pushed harder in class and in my personal life. At class, there isn't much hope for tougher lessons because it's just not in my teacher to do. I think she's afraid of losing students if she makes it too hard. I'm the most advanced in the adult class so I tend to do pointe instead of flat for the challenge, although I know there is still room for improvement on flat. I also take the teen class but being a recreational studio, the teens aren't exceptionally serious. I'd also like to learn pieces from various ballets, something I read about on the various ballet forums but something I've never been exposed to. I've been to see ballets but that's it...I'd really like to dance them. The other studios in my area are competitive dance studios and they don't accept adults for any of their classes. Now that we are preparing for recital, we don't even work on technique. We do a quick warm-up at the barre and then practice and choreograph our dances. (Am I beginning to sound like I'm whining? Because I'm not, I'm just giving background on why I know I won't have my wishes come true as far as ballet is concerned.)

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ohleigh, I think you'd be a great candidate for the summer intensive at ADC. There are tons of threads on the subject, and a few stickies, but they teach adults seriously for a few weeks each summer, with pointe, pas de deux, variations, and character. I've never been, but am hoping to go this august.

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I did a search for ADC but came up with nothing. What do the initials stand for? I'd love to do a summer intensive but there is nothing in my area that I know of. Maybe you could BUMP a thread for me that would give me some information.

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Here’s what I would do if I were you. First, I’d look around for some additional classes. Clearly there are none nearby. But what is nearby? Perhaps your definition needs to expand. Perhaps you might have to drive an hour or so to find another class. By my standards that isn’t particularly far away.


You also might take a “holiday” of 3-4 days ever so often and go someplace that that has class every day. What could be better than that kind of holiday? Better yet if your destination also had a real live performance you could attend.


Let’s assume, however, that you are stuck with your current school. Being in your fourth year, you are at a point when I think you need to supplement your classes with things like reading and doing your own classes. There are a lot of books that I’m sure you will find interesting, helpful, and suggestive. You just need to assume more responsibility for your own development rather than relying on your school to teach you everything.


At the end of my ballet “career,” I was taking class with current professionals, retired professionals, teachers, some really good college students, and a few of we adult duffers. To the best of my knowledge, we never did anything from a real live ballet other than perhaps 3-4 steps that the teacher put into a combination done as part of a regular class with a fixed structure.


If you search you can find books that will give you ideas for combinations and images and technical points to work on while you do whatever combinations you do. And, I should say, inventing your own combinations is kinda fun. You might even buy some ballet videos (performances) and identify a sequence of 4-5 doable steps you like that you can work on. I’ve never done that, but that might satisfy your need to do something that has been done on stage.


None of what I’ve said is ideal of course, but when you are stuck in a place that isn’t great, you have to be creative. Geez, dancers are supposed to be creative people anyway. Take responsibility for your development and enjoyment of dance.

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ADC = Adult dance camp :-) There is a sticky in the adult forum, have fun :-)

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I actually had an student just like you! She ended up asking me if we could do private lessons to work on classical variations, so she could learn them and experience them the way you wanted to. We did this and it was great-- it was a pleasure for me to work with someone who was interested in the history and the style of each solo, and she loved getting the one on one attention and really working for the details. I let her help me choose which ones to work on. Is there a teacher who might be able to do this with you? You'd need someone who really knows the classical rep, has either danced it herself or really studied it (or a combination of those).

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That looks so amazing! Now, I really want to go. Here's my next wishing upon a star...can I afford to go? That is definitely a long way to travel. Thank you so much missjvc420 for the info.

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For those adults in the Seattle area, PNB is offering an 8 week open variation workshop at their Bellevue studio. It has already started but you could call PNB to find out if you could still attend. The information is under the open program on the school page of their website.

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Sorry if this is not acceptable but as an adult interested in ADC, does anyone know when there will be information available on the 2007 summer sessions? The dates are posted in little letters on the bottom of the info page but there is little other information and the application form is for 2006!

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I attended ADC last summer and it was an amazing experience. We had people from Canada, France, Brazil and others. If you can swing it financially, etc. it is completely worth every second. In fact, one of the board posters is completing a documentary film about adult dancers and a lot of his filming was done at ADC. The website is www.adultdancecamps.com. I don't believe it has been updated yet, but the dates for 2007 are:


June 17-23

August 5-11

August 19-25


Also, for a sneak peek at the documentary, go to Everyday Dancers Website and select "view the trailer"

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Marcel - I think we were posting at the same time.


I do know that Heidi is working on updating the website, but I do not have a deadline by which she believes it will be ready. In the meantime, if you have questions for her, the contact information on the ADC website is good and I'm sure she will be glad to answer any questions you have.


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Yes, we posted a minute apart! Thanks for the info! I do not have any specific questions at the moment, but I will definitely email should I think of one. I just trying to keep myself up-to-date with the latest information since I heard they were bought by another company or something so I figured some things might or might not be different. I also, of course, want to take a look at the most current application! I am considering the early August session - hope I can go! :)

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While the Adult Dance Camp is now under the Sun King Dance, L.L.C. umbrella, management remains the same. Although I know that Heidi may make changes based on suggestions on the evaluations that attendees fill out at the end of each session, any changes will be ones that will just make the camp that much better!! (as difficult as that may be!)


I was looking back over my information from last year, and it looks as if the applications were available in late February or early March.

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