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Will do, not expecting much but am hoping will be working very hard for the next couple of months, got to nail triples on pointe and more fouettes on pointe then I will be feeling OK! Thanks so much for all your information it has been a great help!!


O actually one more quick question, do they only take one type of physique. Like do you have to have really long skinny legs? or do they take a variety? I'm quite a compact dancer, in proportion and quite muscly.

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The "Day of Dance" I went to was specifically designed for students (and their parents and teachers) who were thinking of auditioning for their 3 year course starting at age 16. Yes they did say they sometimes took people in for the second year. They emphasised that they were not looking for any one type, but were very interested in the whole person and wanted personality as well as technique. To this end, they have two classes for the audition, a classical class and then a contemporary one. The reasoning behind this was that the classical class will show the technique that has been learnt, but that the contemporary class can often reveal more about the inner person. So it can be that some dancers who didn't stand out in the classical section reveal something more about themselves and their potential during the contemporary class.

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If this helps at all, my son is now in his final year of 3 at Central School of Ballet. He has really enjoyed it. Although there are academic aspects to the programme the main emphasis is on technique and performance. Ballet is by far the most important, but students also study contemporary, jazz, character and a little musical theatre.

Although no accomodation is provided most students live in 2 or 3 nearby hostels for 1st year and then get flats with their friends. To send your son age 16 to live in a hostel in central London seems a big deal - it did to me - but actually they are so busy and committed that once there it soon seemed less important.The School staff are very caring and helpful.

My son has just obtained an apprentice contract for next season with Ballet Basel, Switzerland, and is about to embark on the Ballet Central Tour.

I don't think I have enough messages behind me to PM, but maybe we can think of some way that your son could contact mine, if he wants to chat about the School?

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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I have a credit weighing for the Foundation and BA degree if this is of any help, but I suppose you will have to wait until you have full membership status to PM me.

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