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Has anyone seen this? A relative from up north sent it to me- it's a documentary featuring several girls of different ages trying to get into the Royal Winnipeg Ballet school through the summer program and then auditioning for the nutcracker. Pretty interesting, but not too much dancing

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I'm pretty sure there was a thread on this over on Cross Talk. I'll try to find it.

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I saw it on tv here. Found it interesting, and I would be curious to hear reviews from people who aren't involved in dance. (won't find those here, I know!)


It was certainly an ambitious project, and at times I thought the directors tried to do too much: there were so many stories in each of the three episodes! Particularly confusing if you happened to miss one I think and had no frame of reference.


You're right tutucrazy: not a lot of dancing in this series. I think perhaps there could have been more if they hadn't been telling the story of so many different dancers.


The national ballet school in toronto had a similar tv show a number of years ago, but it was much smaller in scope. There were three dancers I believe, who were auditioning during July for a spot in the year-round program.



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Does anyone know any more about this yet? Is there a link to go to in order to purchase this video? Is it available for sale? I am really quite interested, and I live in the USA, so I dont know, becuase it was aired on TV in Canada, if its possible to get ahold of it. Thanks if there is anything further.

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