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The past 16 months have been, to put it frankly, pretty crappy for dd and myself. Stressful events have included:


September 2005 - my job was made redundant


October 2005 - my father-in-law died


November 2005 - represented my state in my sport


December 2005 - husband and myself decided to separate


January 2006 - moved house with dd, with no money and a only a promise of a new job


February 2006 - started a new job in an unfamiliar field


March 2006 - husband had a major health breakdown and I had to undertake his physical and financial care for a few months. He hasn't been able to work since and as such has been unable to contribute financially


April 2006 - had to remove dd from Steiner school as we could no longer afford fees


May 2006 - dd diagnosed with stress fracture in foot and had to take six weeks out from ballet with a gradual return over the next couple of months.


During dd's return to classes, two of her peers were advanced to the next level. She has not been able to take pointe for the past seven months and will return to it at the beginning of our school year in February. During this entire period dd has been surprisingly happy and has not made a single complaint about her dancing or seeing her peers advance ahead of her. She has in fact been supportive and congratulatory toward them. It was only at the end of last year that we spoke about it and she expressed her disappointments. I praised her for her remarkable resilience and graciousness.


Dd participated in the end of year performance, in a minor role in the classical piece and in a contemporary piece where all six dancers had an equal role. I was totally overwhelmed by praise for her dancing ability, particularly in her contemporay piece, from teachers, AD, administrators, senior students and parents. It was the first time that she had received such overt praise and it was very touching and I suppose a validation for me that I had done the right thing to keep her in ballet despite the hardship it caused in some respects.


Dd has shown remarkable resilience and fortitude through this period and her grace has really made me proud. I feel blessed to have this lovely girl in my life.

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danceintheblood, my thoughts and prayers are for a wonderful 2007 for you and your DD. It speaks volumns to the strenght of you both that you have been able to rise above the stresses life has thrown at you in the past. :blushing:

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Well, it looks like you have had a very stressful year! It sounds like your daughter has helped put things in perspective for you. She sounds like a wonderful person.I know it helps me to look for at least one positive for each negative experience. Good luck to a healthier year for your family. :blushing:

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I commend your daughter for coming through what has been a most difficult time so well. I commend you too, danceintheblood, for making sure your dd's dancing, her passion, has continued through all of your family trials. I know it couldn't have been easy to do that financially and otherwise. It's likely contributed to her ability to withstand the hardships of the past year +.

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Wow! You have had enough stress in the last year to throw the needle right off the Richter scale! :wink: My heart goes out to you and your family. I do hope that the next year will bring much health and happiness to you all. It is certainly your turn! :P I'm so glad that you made sure that your daughter had dancing to turn to during this difficult period. Sometimes relief comes from very unexpected places! :)

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Thankyou for your lovely comments. We have had a bit of a rocky start to the year, but things seem to be working out now. My dd's ability to truly live in the moment and take joy from each day is indeed a lesson which I am trying to learn from. If only I had the same attitude to life and could more readily allow the negative experiences to roll over me! :D Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean ...

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