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How long will it take?


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Hello everyone! first posting on here!


I started ballet about 4 months ago and i can Developpe to 90 degrees, how long do u think it will take to build up muscle to get it to eg. 120 degrees. I know its probably to do with your practice time, i practice everyday for about 45 mins, except when i have a class, im starting ISTD intermediate in a about a months time. Just wondering how long it will take to impress my school mates with how much strength i have from doing ballet!


Thanks michael

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Hello Michael, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :blushing:


I'm afraid that we really can't tell you how long it will take, as that is a very individual thing. It depends on your own physical ability, the quality and quantity of the training, and of course your own work ethic, energy, and diligence. :) The good news is that, if you are at 90º, placed and rotated, after only 4 months of training, then it sounds like you are moving very quickly!


I would like to ask you to please not substitute single letters for words, and also to please try to use upper case for personal pronouns and separate sentences with proper punctuation. We have hundreds of members who speak English as a second language, but we think it is important even for native English speakers, as it makes everything so much easier to read!. (I know this is natural for teens today, with text messaging, etc., and we have a lot of teens, and even some adults, who do not write in complete sentences or use punctuation and upper case. But we do ask for it, and try to make it happen! :) )

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I know, thanks Michael. It's a habit with all our teens here too, but one we are trying (not very successfully) to break!

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