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Sorry if this post is in the wrong place....


Anyway, many of the people posting here have been saying that they take hours of classes a week. I am 15 years old and have been dancing since I was 12. I am currently studying RAD Intermediate and have just sat my BATD Grade 4. I only have 2 classes per week, 1 in RAD and 1 in BATD. The total class time I have is 2 hours- 75 minutes for RAD and 45 minutes for BATD. I started doing pointe work in October. I want to become a professional and am willing to workhard to get there but the schools in the UK don't tend to have many classes to take. Is this really not giving me any choice at all? I was going to audition for some English ballet schools (I live in Scotland, UK) in the coming year so I would be just 17 when I start there if I got in but would this be too late? I am also going to audition for the senior associates at Scottish Ballet so would have 3 extra hours of dance per week but would still not be enough I think.......If anyone knows of any ballet schools near Glasgow in Scotland it would be a help because I take all of the classes I can from the schools I go to. I could maybe take another RAD class but where I go is really expensive so my parents couldn't really afford it. Anyway sorry for all of the questions and if someone has any answers they would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello dancing suki, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :wink:


I am really puzzled by the lack of classes there, especially since you are on pointe. I would not put a student on pointe who did not have a minimum of 3 one hour and a half classes per week for at least a year prior to starting pointe, and that would assume at least 2 years of training with two classes per week prior to that third year with three. At 15 and hoping for a career, I would hope to see you in daily technique and pointe classes, like at least 3 hours of ballet a day, 6 days a week. I know the whole system is different in the UK, however, I really think that 2 hours a week, at age 15, is not going to prepare you for much of what you want to do. :P I think you need to find another school as soon as possible, and try to increase your classes by as many as possible.

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I have tried looking around for classes in other schools but many don't have classes past about grade three in ballet because lots of people give up ballet when they are about 11 or 12 when they go to high school. I think another thing is that for most people where I live ballet is just a class they take because it helps the dance type they focus in. I'll have a look around again but so far i have been unsuccessful in finding anything. The only other option I've found is having private lessons but we can't afford them or I would go for them. :yes:

As for going onto pointe when I started at my intermediate class in September the teacher was surprised to find out I hadn't done pointe work when she saw me dance (is this a good thing? :unsure: ) and told me to get pointe shoes. Anyway thank you for replying and I'll continue my search for more classes.

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Suki, it's a good thing that the teacher thinks you are strong enough for pointe, however, I don't feel that it is really possible to have everything it takes to do pointe work well and safely with the very limited classes that you take. Surely Glasgow must have some ballet schools with a real and full program??? I can't imagine a city of that size not having at least one good school that is serious about ballet.

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Knock knock. How about the Associate program of the Scottish Ballet in Glasgow? This would give you additional training opportunities.

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As I said in my first post im going to audition for it but all depends on me getting into it. Thank you for suggesting it.....I just hope that I do manage to get in :)

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Suki, I meant the program as a whole, not just the associate program. They have evening class, which might help to complement your training. And it would be a good idea to enquire about other ballet schools. I am sure their associates train in decent ballet programs in/near Glasgow.

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I did a google for RAD classes in Glasgow and this link to Dance Teachers on-line came up with a long list of dance schools in Scotland. Most seemed to be highland or disco etc, but there are a few serious sounding schools. Go down the list slowly and check out the ones where the teacher has an RAD qualification and is in Glasgow. Good luck! http://www.dtol.ndirect.co.uk/UKpages/dtoluksc.htm


Try contacting the RAD Headquarters in London and asking them for a list of teachers in Scotland. At 15 the amount of work you do is not enough - I have a hard job preparing my students for their Intermediate and they have three 90 mins classes a week in ballet - two syllabus and pointe and one free style ballet with a guest teacher. If you're serious and have talent you need to increase your hours radically ASAP.

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Thank you to everyone who have come up with ideas for classes you I really appreciate it. I'll have a look at everything and discuss it with my parents and try and arrange more classes to go to. :)

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