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Having seen a clip of the ballet Etudes, I loved the music and wanted to buy the CD. I looked through Carl Czerny's CDs on Amazon, but it seemed that the only ones I found with "Etudes" on them were not matched with the ballet (as buyers had commented.) Does anyone know which CD would have Etudes on it? Any help is greatly appreciated. =]

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a CD set called BALLET GALA (Seraphim/EMI 2 CDs) includes ETUDES on disc 2.

perhaps you might google Czerny and Riisager (the second named arranged the music for the ballet and might appear on listings of the CD for sale).

there might be another recording as well, but i'm not sure. mel might know.

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Yes, for searching purposes, "Etudes" is listed as a composition by Knudaage Riisager. Find the ballet via the amazon.com banner at the top of the page. The content listing looks like the entire ballet to me.

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I am also looking for the music for this ballet for academic purposes; I really need the sheet music however. Could anyone who has this CD have a quick look at it and tell me if it lists the opus numbers for the Riisager arrangements and/or the original Czerny studies which I think are from more than one publication?


Many thanks for your help

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There appears to be a set in London according to this blog:

JS Music Blog

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i haven't done any actual research but my ear tells me that the 'sylph' section of ETUDES is danced to a close 'quote' from a segment of Jean Schneitzhöffer's score for Filippo Taglioni's 1832 'La Sylphide'.

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Hahahaha! "Quote", Homage....borrowing.... :D

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Sure, all the ballet composers were doing it. Pugni's score for "Pas de Quatre" has Taglioni dancing her variation to a waltz tune composed by J. Strauss I, as a commemorative of the opening of the Budapest suspension bridge. The tune was popularly called "Wonder of the World".


I just went upstairs to my CD rack and brought out the Ballet Gala recording, and to call the liner notes skimpy would be generous. No opus ##, no collection names, just tempi and occasionally type of dance (Tarantella, Mazurka). Sorry, no help here.

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Is there a DVD showing all or part of the ballet? DD is interested in learning more about this ballet, and it might make a good birthday gift! Thanks!

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Thanks to everyone for their help - at least I now know it is not worth buying the CD (for this purpose anyway)! if anyone out there has any more information, I would be pleased to hear it. Otherwise, back to the libraries

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Hi Pointprovider!


About two years ago, I went on a lengthy search for a DVD of Etudes and was unsuccessful. At that time, there was no DVD or VHS available. Since that time I have been looking for a DVD but have not noticed a new one being made. Let me know if you find one.



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