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Being overlooked at my school


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I go to a well known pre- pro school with many talented dancers. But, I am having a problem. I constantly put 110% effort in class, I have never missed a day ( Im really not kidding) and I always take as many extra classes when I can. I dance 7 days a week 4+ hours. The problem is none of the teachers correct me and they (especially the director of the school) only look at a few girls that they really favor. Those girls rarely ever come to class but their parents donate a lot to our school and so they get all of the attention and all of the major roles. But my parents aren't like that and we don't have extra money to donate. None of the teachers notice the effort that I put into my work and how dedicated I am. THey always say that they give parts on attendence and commitment but it isn't true. There is also a teacher there that used to like me ( a long time ago) and now for some odd reason despises me and never looks at me. She is one of the main instructors and does a lot of decision making on who should get what role and as you can imagine Im not one that she gives the parts too. I work so hard at the parts I get and I am always at rehearsal but I still get overlooked. Also I feel that if they teachers gave me a few more corrections that I could really have been a much better dancer. Now all I do is listen to the other girls corrections and apply them to myself ( I know that is helpful but I want to know what I am doing wrong too) I just don't know what to do anymore. I have just given up on myself. This matter really hurts me. I am sorry that this is so long but any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Seven days a week. There's part of the problem right there. You need a day off. You may think you're putting 110% into it, but what comes out is more like 65%. You're chronically overtired, and need time to re-collect yourself and recharge. As far as teacher attention is concerned, we can't see you, so we can't be any judges of how your technique is or what you look like when you're dancing. That's just taste, and we can't do anything about that. But scheduling a day off in your dancing schedule is absolutely necessary. You can't keep that up for much longer. Injuries are right around the corner.

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