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Lilac fairy???


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Hello everyone,


I read a lot here but I´m not posting so much.


I have a question: in some month we´ll perform Sleeping beauty. My teacher told me that I´ll dance the Lilac fairy and that it´s the 2nd best role. I do not know much about this ballet and I am confused about the role - is ist a lot to dance? is the lilac fairy a lot on stage? What´s her character?

I hope anyone can tell me a bit about this role.....


(i am soo exited...)


Tank you!

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Here is a link to some information on Ballet Alert, posted by our Mel Johnson. :) The link will also show you where to look for more information. Buying a video or DVD would be a good idea, and of course reading about the ballet in your ballet books at the library. :D



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There is a beautiful Royal Ballet video/DVD readily available. It's put out by Kultur! Their website is, www.kultur.com. The DVD number is, D1495. It features Viviane Durante as Aurora, Zoltan Solymosi as Florimund, Benazir Hussein as The Lilac Fairy and Anthony Dowell as Carabosse. The costuming is quite fairy tale and the dancing beautiful.


The Lilac Fairy solo in the prologue is quite demanding, at least in this version it is. She is also in the first act where everyone falls asleep and again she appears in the second act where Florimund is directed by her to the sleeping Aurora. It's nowhere near as much dancing as Aurora with it's Rose Adagio, at least two variations and full on Grande Pas in the final act but it's a nice part to get. In most versions I'v seen, the Lilac Fairy is a tall girl who is commanding yet capable of being emotive and tender. Have a lot of fun with the role, you'll enjoy it!

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