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My home studio is inadequate for my pre-pro training. I auditioned for VSA and was accepted, however, my parents want to wait another year. My dad says that by needing corrections everyday, I am developing a habit of depending on other people. Even with a partial scholarship, they are still extremely hesitant. Is there anything I can say or do to change their minds?

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I understand how badly you would like to change your training. Please remind yourself by reading your bottom quote how much your parents care and support you. Handling this disappointment in a mature way may convince your parents that you are ready for the change. :)

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kat, your father needs to understand that dancers will receive corrections in class every day of their lives as a dancer. The top professional dancers will still receive corrections in class. It absolutely does not make you dependent on anyone! The demands of ballet are unique, and it is not unusual for someone who has never done it to not understand. You are going to need to educate your parents! :) Seriously. You might start by having them read some of the threads on this board.

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Hi kat789, you are so amazingly articulate that I assumed you were about 16 or older! But I checked back on some of your posts and see that you are just 14, and from what I gather, a sophomore in high school.


That's pretty young. Are you looking at boarding pre-pros for next year, your junior year? Or for right away?


A lot of parents don't want to send their children away till they are 15 or 16. Truthfully, I agree with them that, if it's at all possible, finding a way to make it work for one more year while you live at home is probably the best thing.


I do know that sometimes, depending on where you live, there's no way to make that happen no matter how hard you try. I see from a past post that you were looking at the possibility of occasional classes at Richmond Ballet? Would it be possible to go there full-time? Or take supplemental classes there?


Another thing I saw from a previous post of yours is that your parents would consider a pre-pro residency for you when you're 15 or 16. That really does sound reasonable to me, especially if you can cull together some additional classes at Richmond or even some private classes with a teacher in the meantime. Although your dad may not understand the nature of ballet corrections, it does sound like he's not completely against the idea of sending you away, just not now, as a nearly or newly minted 14.

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kat, what year in school would you be next year? That really would make a difference in approaching your parents. There are relatively few (female) dancers that end up going to VSA for the full 4-years. They typically have more in-coming dancers as sophmores or juniors. Historically, freshmen have sooo much 'change' to handle as it is in matriculating into a high school environment that adding living away from home, dorm life, and a new school and a high school can be more than a little overwhelming. By the time a dancer is a sophmore, they've already navigated and adjusted to the change of being in high school and the transition to a residential school is quite abit easier.

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I'm a freshman this year, sophomore next. My parents are really pushing me to stay because my brother will be a senior next year and it will be the last year we are "together as a family." They are agreeable to my leaving junior year, however, I'm wondering if I can accomplish as much as I need to in two years. It just scares me to think about another year here, where I'm struggling to keep my technique up, not only improving.

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