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looking for wide ballet slippers

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Does anyone know which shoe maker (I'm talking flats here) makes the widest ballet slippers ?

I know several come in different widths, but each company has it's own specs. Anyone got any insight on this ? Our local dancewear shop stocks only Blochs and Capezios.



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Sansha has wides. And SoDanca Ballet shoes come in wides also and they run wide already.

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I always thought I had a super-wide foot. But I found that Sansha's 'W' width was more appropriate for me than their widest 'X' width.

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I second citibob's comment on Sansha. I have wide feet and the W is a good comfortable fit. I find Bloch Pump good too. However, it's not my experience that SoDanca run wide - I recently bought a pair of leather SoDanca shoes and found them very tight across the widest part of my foot, so I had to give them to a friend.

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Another wide footer here! For me, I have found that Capezio tends to run narrow, so the Blochs would be your best choice of what you have available. I wear the C width, which is not even the widest they carry, and it is perfect for me.

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Guest pink tights

I have a narrow foot--Sodanca's don't seem to run wide for me. I recently tried on Grishko Ultimates and Performance---I thought they ran very wide. Blochs always feel wide on me, even the tapered model. Hope this helps.

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