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Turnout issues


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I know this is for parents so I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to post here.


I've always struggled with turnout and often wonder is there a realistic chance of making it without sufficient turnout. :) Will a good company ever consider someone without good turnout? For, example NYCB/SAB. Not to brag or anything but I know that I am as good as some of the kids in those schools but its frustrating to work so hard knowing it wont pay off. :shrug:


Sorry, again for posting here


(Moderator's note: We moved it to the proper forum)

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Lilac Fairy, Mr. Johnson moved your post from the Parent's forum to this forum. It's a legitimate question for the YD board, and we really do not want teens posting questions on the Parent's forums.


The question is, what is sufficient turnout? Without seeing you, there is no way to know, and the thing is that even dancers without great turnout do indeed dance professionally if they have learned to really use what turnout they have very, very well. So, it's a matter of training and a lot of work. If your rotation is not good, and you do not use it well, then your chances are slim to none. If you continually improve it, and learn to really use it well, that increases the chances a lot, assuming you have a lot of the other major facility factors.

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If you have no turnout, might as well hang it up now. But it's not the amount of turnout as much as the way you use the turnout you do have that will make or break a career.

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