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Lifting weights...is it good or bad???


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Hey all!


I was just wondering about weight lifting since I have heard many different opinions about it. One of my ballet teachers who is the best teacher at our school told us that dancers should never left weights. But then one of the other less experienced teachers said that all ballet dancers SHOULD lift weights!!!!! I was just wondering what the reasons are for not lifting them. Is it because it makes you too heavy for partnering, or something else??? But then again, don't most dancers need to tone their muscles? A lot of the professional dancers I know are very muscular! Please help! I'm so confused! lol

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There are mixed opinions on this subject, but I really don't think that weight lifting is terrific for female dancers. If ballet does not build enough muscles for people these days, then we generally suggest Pilates or Gyrotonics, not weight lifting. However, I know that there are some people who seem to think it's okay.

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