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Improving my arch

Guest ttoes813

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Guest ttoes813

I was wondering if there are any strength building techniques I can use to make the arch of my foot stronger so that its easier to get completely over the box of my pointe shoes. Ive been on pointe for about 4 years but I still struggle getting completely over the box of my pointe shoes.

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Guest illini_chic110

Doing slow releves and eleves can help in making your arch stronger. Also if you have a Theraband then you can do 50-100 flexing and pointing of your feet a night. Over time you'll see improvement.

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Illini chic, wait for Ms. Leigh or me to handle the technical problems. Yes, repeated use of a Theraband can help, but don't do the 50-100 points of the foot all in one go. Also, manipulation of the foot by your own hands can provide stretch over the instep, but be careful not to do it to the point of pain. Also, methodical performance of tendus, degagés, frappés, pas de cheval, and a really well-wrapped position sur le cou de pied help. And the improvements will start showing slowly over a course of months, not something you will be able to see even in weeks. Patience and perseverance is counseled.

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