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Leg muscles too large!


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Does anybody else have a problem with overly large thigh muscles? I'm not even really all that strong, but every time I do a develope I look like I'm about to bulge out of my tights! :lol:


I think it's because I've been using them incorrectly and they've overdeveloped. Anybody know of any ways to either stop them from getting any bigger or to streamline them?

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There are two major reasons for this, Midnight Vixen. One is genetic, and the other is working incorrectly. If you have both things happening, that would account for excessive development. The best thing you can do is learn how to work very lifted out of your legs. Keep the weight out of your heels and your bones lifted. No pushing down into the hips and sitting in the heels, as that is the surest way to overdevelop thighs.

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Ok thanks. I figured it was because I was using them incorrectly. Thats the one correction that I recieve almost daily.

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The same happens to me as well. whenever i developpe i feel the muscles tense in my thighs!! What other parts of my body do i need to strengthen in order for this not to occur?

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Abdominals. And read the answers above about getting the weight up and out of the heels and the hips.

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