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Choosing technique shoes


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I've been dancing all my life (I'm 26) but never seriously and primarily at a "semi-Dolly Dinkle" school as a child, if such a thing exists. I still take my beginning adult classes twice a week and find it the most enjoyable time of my week. I look forward to them immensely. But I digress.


I notice many, many topics about selecting pointe shoes but as a student who will never be en pointe, the most fun I can have is finding the perfect flats. My current shoes are so old the manufacturer has worn off and I have no idea who made them even! I suspect Capezio but who knows. I was wondering if there are any interesting discussions around the board about choosing flats. I know they're pretty simple shoes and fit most everyone but well, I feel like I want to be in on the both the fun and frustration at least a little. I guess that's odd but I'm an odd person. Thanks for the input. Don't laugh at me too hard.

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Hello rshevin, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


No one will laugh at you here! Finding the right flat shoe is just as important as pointe shoes, except that it is usually easier to find. :yes: Have you tried a Bloch split sole canvas? They were my favorite, when I was still wearing ballet shoes. (I wear a teaching shoe now, with a little heel.)

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I hope you dont mind me asking - I have often wondered - why teachers use the shoes they do - usually leather, a bit more tailored, laces, and little heel, rather than ballet flats.


As for Bloch, a number of people have remarked that the inside soles seem to come off, and that has been my experience too (though with the full sole, not split sole version). I think a lot of people seem to like the Sansha Pros split sole.



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Im with you about the innersoles of bloch's coming out. That has happened to every pair of soft blochs i've ever had. I have paul wrights now and they're not too bad, the sole has a tendency to pop outwards when i point instead of conforming to my arch which is annoying. Trouble is, where i live they are the lesser of two evils, there's not a lot of choice.

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I've been on a Bloch Elastosplit kick since they came out, but they are so hard to find, I'm scouting new ones. I like canvas on marley, leather for wood. The Sansha pros have that lump under the metatarsal that I don't care for. However, I do like the Sansha Silhouette, although the vamp was a little long. There are many new ones I haven't tried, like the Capezio Juliets and the Russian Pointe tech shoe, that sound good.

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I have owned a number of pairs of Bloch split soles and have never had a problem. I love them! Although I've always worn leather, not canvas. :)

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I'll have to look into the Bloch shoes. I'm still not used to having so many choices in dancewear! When I was little, we all wore capizeo full sole, leather shoes along with capezio leotards (blue for "babies," black for "big girls") and tights from the studio's shop. I can remember being utterly shocked at all the different shoes the girls in my recreational class in college were wearing. That's how I ended up with my unknown canvas split soles.


I do like being able to wash my shoes although I didn't find they came out any cleaner. Maybe I waited too long. The studio where I am now does have marley floors and since I've noticed 95% of the students and teachers wear canvas, I think I'll stick with that. The floor itself isn't that sticky but the tape is always coming up. I don't know how people put up with that. I'm constantly trying to position myself so that I can tendu without getting caught up on the tape, or a lump.

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I've worn Bloch canvas split soles for years and years, but recently decided to try Angelo Luzio stretch canvas ones. They're wonderful so far, the little bit of stretch really makes them so much more comfortable to wear. It's almost like wearing nothing! I'm not sure how available these are in the US, since they are a Canadian company. Unfortunately, they do only come in whole sizes, no half sizes, as they're considered stretchy enough to not require them.

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I also wear the Angelo Luzio's and found them in the states -- they've worked very well for me. I've had difficulty with Bloch and Sansha because the vamps are too long for me; Grishko's and Russian Pointe's work better.


the nice thing is that there are tons of options.

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Tons of options yes, but you only get to touch the ones you can find in your local dancewear store. I admit to being enamoured with the online sites, especially discountdance.com, but when it comes to shoes, I just want to touch them first. The Principal flats have an intriguingly nice line but talk about something that's unavailable in the US! I'm in a medium size city I suppose (feels small) but I'd be surprised to see anything other than Capezio and Bloch in stock. The last store I went in for elastics was so small I think they had one brand only. My newest procrastionation/adventure is definitely my search for new shoes. I need new tights anyway. I'm still wearing tights from high school. Good thing they're stretchy.

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Where can you find SoDanca canvas shoes in the states? (Or Online...)

The look really pretty.

Love my Sansha silhouettes, but yes, they do have a long vamp.

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There are indeed lots of options now, and I found that getting the right pair of slippers was actually harder than getting the right pair of pointe shoes.


Leather can be too sticky on marley (not always, but sometimes). Canvas wears significantly more quickly on wood, making leather preferable.


I found most Blochs and Sanshas unbearable because the stitching ends up at an awkward point under the ball of my foot. Best so far for me are Capezio Gold 2002s, though I like the Principals and Angelo Luzios a lot. Leo's Airabesques also work for me. These styles all have a relatively large patch of leather on the ball of the foot.

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It takes me longer to decide on technique shoes for sure. After wearing Sanshas for years, and suddenly really disliking them, I decided to try some other shoes for the first time in a long time. I was just at the store earlier and went back and forth between a pair of Bloch Prolite II Streamlines and a pair of Capezio Juliet IIs for, well, too long to admit to. The Juliets were more cushy and lightweight and a nicer color, but my friends have said theirs all fell apart, and they didn't feel great under my feet. They felt great on my feet, but not under them, if that makes any sense. However, now that I have the Blochs home, I am wondering if I made the right decision. Pointe shoes have been much, much easier for me. I've never second-guessed a pointe shoe decision.

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as a student who will never be en pointe


If you don't mind me asking, why did you say so?


By the way, it's not funny at all for you to want perfect technique shoes. In Turkey we use only handmade and nameless flats, they are made in only one model, nobody cares about the shape of the foot etc. I wish I could care about my technique shoes' perfection =P But instead, sometimes I just want to wear my socks to ballet classes :blushing:

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