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Choosing technique shoes


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I say that because I am realistic about my dedication to the art and the body that I was born with. I am one of those who gets scared and frustrated when things get difficult so I have thoroughly enjoyed keeping myself at a lower level of adult study and working on technique there. It's just a comfort zone really. That probably sounds pitiful but well, I'm just being honest. I am overweight too, and even if I were to loose the weight, I just don't have the natural strength and turnout that you need for point, not to mention the fact that an old ankle injury makes me constantly sickle one foot. I love my classes but it just isn't realistic to see anything further.


You know, you can always order all the spiffy technique shoes you want from the internet these days! Get together a few other students in your class to save on shipping. I would think a European cataloge would be best, shipping wise, compared to an American one.

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I just got new flats for my orthotics and I bought regular Bloch Dansoft shoes that look like my shoes when I was little- it makes me feel like I've regressed a bit, but I like the fit- shorter vamp than some other shoes, always a plus for me. I also ordered a pair of full sole Russian Pointe slippers as well, because I dislike leather for turns- but like pink tights, I like the way leather looks on my foot. These orthotics are sooo hard to pointe with, and adding the full sole is like putting weights under my sole! I've never had to work my ankles and toes so hard!

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I like the Grishko "Performance Series" or "Ultimate." In addition to having elastic in the sole, which makes them fit well and stay on, they seem well made and last longer than other canvas shoes.

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Ugh, do not like these Blochs at all. Wish I had gotten the Juliets. Next time, thanks to this thread, I will keep my eye out for the Angelo Luzio stretch canvas shoes!

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Guest xtiggerx

I like Bloch split sole leather...they're very comfortable and I really like the elastic drawstring. I'm using bloch leather full sole now and they're ok so far...but I much prefer the elastic drawstring, I'm going back to the the split soles after this pair! (I've also found that the inner sole tends to come loose after a while and which very annoying!)


I've seen bloch's elasto splitkick shoes and although they do look kind of cool, I still haven't gotten used looking at them on people's feet...but maybe that's just me.

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I love the Grishko Performance as well- they look nice on the feet and the greatest advantage to them is that they can be ordered in 6 different widths- which is great for narrow feet like mine!

They last pretty long and I have not come across quality control issues (which Grishko sometimes seems to have) yet.


The only thing that may feel odd at first is the little insewn cushion under the heel- but after a few classes this one is squashed flat anyway and not noticeable anymore.

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I am currently dancing in a Bloch split sole leather and they have held up well to my 3 classes a week but I think they bunch a bit under my feet. I don't find it terribly uncomfortable but it can be annoying at times and it's not very pretty. I am thinking of going to full sole though, not sure what brand, so I have to work harder for the articulation. I am a beginner pointe student and I try to do all I can to make my feet stronger! :huepfen:

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The funny thing is I was talking to some ladies in my class and they all said my shoes look brand new. They're at least 6 years old and have been used 3 days a week for ~3 years and ~2 days a week for 3 years (let's average that as 2.5 classes/week). It has to be the Marley floors. I've NEVER had shoes last this long as a kid on hardwood. They're canvas too. I guess I want new shoes more than I need them.


Edit for typo.

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I like bloch split sole leather with elastic drawstings...although a lot of my other classmates prefer capezio full sole leather with elastic drawstrings. I haven't seen any major differences in the two apart from the slight difference in colour....the capezios are a bit more pink while the blochs seem a bit more of a dull peachy colour...but then i'm not too fussed about the colour.

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I am currently rotating three different pair of flats.

The best looking on my feet are Capezio Sculpture. That is a leather with stetch built in somehow. The vamp is not too long and the shoe conforms pretty well when I point my foot. They are a medium but fit my narrow foot even without any arch inserts. The only trouble with these is the color comes off the top of the vamp with your first lunge in class.

The next is a leather Capezio (Gold I think) that I got from the Dance Factory Outlet for $5. They are a little long for me but my clunkiest orthotics fit in them nicely and they are warm for winter. They have a neoprene arch insert that I have no particular opinion of as yet.

The third pair is a canvas Juliet. They also fit my orthotics; best when taped to my foot, because they are a medium and I am a narrow.


I do find the search for perfect flats something I have spent a lot of time on. I think many of us here go through a few pair before we find the ones we like the best.


I did love my perfect fitting beautiful canvas Russian Pointe flats with the short V shaped vamp that I had to special order and wait 8 weeks for, but they don't fit my current inserts. I have them put away for sometime when I don't require inserts.


I hated the fit of Bloch and Sansha canvas flats that I tried but I have a long very narrow shallow foot that is hard to fit.


Welcome to the ongoing search.



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Had to report that I just purchased a pair of Russian Pointe full sole canvas, 39-W3-V2, V shape. Wonderful shoe so far, I have class tomorrow. As an aside, I also got fitted with Aspirations, also wonderful so far.

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There was an article in Pointe magazine a few months back...I think I have it saved, if you want I can go back and look at it.


I would suggest finding a store that has many different styles and trying on as many different kinds as you can, decide what feels right and what looks best. If there isn't a good store, you can try ordering some different ones from Discount Dance, though that can get a bit expensive.


Personally, I love Bloch "Pump" leather split-sole ballet slipper. Another nice one with a slightly shorter "vamp"--do pointe shoe terms apply to flat shoes??---and a canvas insert in the arch, also runs slightly narrower. I have wide feet so I like the 'pump' one. :yes:

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