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Academic issues- academic options?

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I am pretty sure there are topics about online schools in Cross Talk. I'll look around and see if I can find them today or tomorrow, but in the meanwhile, you can look there too. :wub:



I'm sorry! I was searching for topics and came across one you had actually started a year ago!! So I see that you are looking for something specific about this 'Scholar's' program. I have not heard of it. Maybe someone else will????

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Oh, this one we are considering happens to have a program that lets kids meet for some of the classes a few times a week. I'm just hoping to get some new positive or negative feedback from other dance families who have chosen to use cyber programs or combination ones, such as this. I'll look back at Cross Talk, because I recall there was plenty of discussion. We have been homeschooling for the first half of the year and it's been going well, but decided to give cyber a try now, since we know of more than a few dancers who like it! Thanks, Clara76. :wub:

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There's a new development on the cyber school front. The National Coalition of Girl's Schools is launching it's Online School for Girls this fall. These are independent girls schools with strong academics and teaching targeted for girls. They plan to start with 6 pilot courses and details are not release yet but it looks interesting. My alma mater has released a statement about the program. It is one of those contributing the courses. Here's a link to a press release: http://www.harpethhall.org/podium/default....&nid=538755


edited to add: it looks like the pilot courses will be taken by students currently enrolled in the Coalition schools but if it is successful, it looks like they plan to open the courses up world-wide!

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That's exciting, swanchat!

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An update:


The online school for girls is up and running. At this point, there are course offerings that could supplement a dks curriculum; there aren't enough courses for an entire high school diploma but there are a number of AP options and the courses look rich and rigorous. Here's the link: Online School for Girls

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Just wanted to note that the school swanchat mentions above offers a very good looking Anatomy and Physiology course for high schoolers which starts next week. :)

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Interesting Thread. My dd has homeschooled and is now cyberschooling. I am interested n the online school for girls. Has anyone actually had a child take a class there? Is there a required class time to be present, (or independent work)? Thank you!

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And one other thought. I number of people talked about delayed college enrollment. There was also a discussion on AP classes versus dual enrollment in high school. Did anyone have any problem with applying AP courses to college credit if enrollment was deferred for a year or so? And was dual enrollment credit for college courses still given with deferment? We are trying to make decision on dual enrollment versus AP for a high school senior who may end up deferring college acceptance. Thanks!

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Dual enrolled credits are part of your permanent transcript. They would stay in place if you defer. AP test results (which are the only way to get credit at the college level) are not part of your permanent record, and I don't know if a college will honor them if your dancer defers enrollment. I am assuming that if they are holding a position for her, they would honor the test scores at least for one year, but that would be up to the college accepting her. The biggest problem with deferring is the loss of scholarships earned by the dancer for admittance (academic or merit). Merit scholarships will have to be re-earned. Some schools will honor academic scholarships, others won't.

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What a fantastic program. Thank you for the information swatchat. :)

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My dd had her courses all in line before the online girls school was available. I wish she'd had the opportunity to take a few. She has a friend who took the AP statistics through them and it was rigorous but well done. If you have a dancing brainiac these courses will be food for their soul. I attended Harpeth Hall School, one of the schools that produces the courses. It is a wonderful school and the quality of education it provides simply cannot be beat. I'm glad to see them in cyberspace.

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Thank you Swanchat for the recommendation. The courses offered are wonderful.

Interesting thought on AP versus dual enrollment topicfive. It is a good question to ask the colleges too. On transcipts that I have done for my homeschooled students I have put the AP course and score on the exam. I didn't know that high schools did not include the score. Also, I have never thought about merit scholarships and being denied them because of deferring. Food for thought. I wonder, though, if the experienced mature student could be more attractive then a high school graduate. Scholarships may be even more readily available to those with life experiences?

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learning.a.lot - (this may not be on topic, moderators...feel free to delete) I also homeschool, and the AP courses AND college dual enrolled courses count the same on your student's HS transcript, ie: one semester of college or one semester of AP counts for a whole year of the subject on a HS transcript. The only difference is that the dual enrolled courses count for HS and college equally, and the AP courses only count for HS (until the test is taken and scored, and then based on the score, the student is granted college credit). The downside is, if the student gets a "C" in a dual enrolled course, it goes on the college transcript as a "C" also. The "C" in an AP course stays on the HS transcript ONLY. Of course, if you get a "C" in an AP course, you probably won't do well on the AP test :)

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My dd deferred her college enrollment for one year. Her AP credits were still applied toward credit at her college, but they only accepted AP test scores of 5 for credit. (Each college or university will be different on the minimum AP test scores accepted for credit.) I believe you cannot self-report the AP test scores, and instead you must order an official copy be sent to the college from the College Board. The colleges that gave her a merit scholarship were willing to keep the scholarship "on hold" for her after her one-year deferment. Hope this helps!

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Thank you Gogators and Tropicfive. That helps. It makes sense that AP test scores would still count, as would dual enrollment. If they are willing to hold your acceptance for a year, then holding those items would be similar. The loss may be if you delay college entrance for longer? Who knows where this tenuous path of ballet dancing will go. I suppose reapplying would not be the end of the world, but the loss of transcript credits would. And, I imagine, once graduated, high school transcripts stay as they are. Schools can then decide whether or not to give credit. I do know of some who took dual enrollment courses and the credits were not accepted at the college of their choice. I also know of some who ach

ieved AP test credit and did not apply it to the college transcript because it was a credit towards their major. Thank you for help with your experiences!

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