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Academic issues- academic options?

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When dealing with AP credits for college and dual enrollment credits for college, I believe one has to be careful and realize that in neither case is it a 'one-size' fits all scenario. Different colleges will handle the AP credits differently in terms of college credit: At some, depending on the AP test score, the student may be able to utilize the credit to satisfy a core requirement thus, opening up college credit hours; others may just use it to allow the student to skip the 101 class level thus allowing a student to take a more advanced class. Sometimes AP credits can't be used at all for classes within a student's major---the college wants to make sure the student gets all the foundation for the school's major requirements. And actually, for classes in a college major, it is probably prudent to want to take the college's own foundational classes for that. Better to be well-prepared and have a little easier time in a foundational class than to get into an advanced class and find out there are 'holes' in one's foundation.


As for dual enrollment credits, sometimes those are tied to specific universities. At our high school, those dual enrollment credits were tied to the state's flagship school----unless the student went to that school for college, the college credits didn't really 'transfer' to college. Neither of our daughters planned to attend the state flagship school, so those dual enrollment credits wouldn't really have done them much good. They were better off with AP credits. DD was able to parlay hers into opening up college credits for other classes; non-DD was not able to do much with hers at her chosen college. BUT, without those AP credits and her excellent scores on the AP tests, she probably wouldn't have been offered admission to her school. Not to mention that the class work alone was beneficial and engaging for her.

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Most colleges and universities have AP credit eligibility/requirements listed on their admissions page. If one knows where they may be interested in applying, checking individual college AP requirements may be helpful with the planning and selection of AP courses.

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Wise advice Snow White and true Dance Maven. I guess we were thinking of trying to get some required foundation courses done via AP or dual enrollment. I know my dd will not be doing a science or math oriented college major because of passion for the arts and writing. So we were thinking if she could get college credit for a required math, or science, that would be great. She had done all the high school science and math courses except calculus, and that is because she preferred AP statistics. That way she could do the required courses for writing or design while dancing...if that works. Since the school she attends may potentially depend on where she is in a training or apprentice program, we can't really depend on dual enrollment credits transferring. So, I suppose AP credits may be better in her case.

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A late response, but perhaps useful nevertheless:

Our academically minded and gifted Ballet Conservatory students in Port Chester attend this online school based in Spokane, Washington: http://www.enlightiumacademy.com

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