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Well, I said I'd start this so....


I've been down in the dumps from not moving enough! Too much to do this term, loads of teaching, applications, whatever.... And the weather doesn't help. I just need to get to class more, and if not that, then something. I feel like my blood is starting to pool, and I've definitely lost a lot of the strength which I had worked so hard for.... :innocent:

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Well, as some of you know, I broke my right wrist trying to learn to ice skate on New Year's Eve. And that was in the afternoon before I even got near the champagne! Four days in a German hospital improved my German no end, however, and I suppose it was interesting on the last day of my 47th year to have my first general anaesthetic.


But I haven't danced for almost 2 months now, and I'm not quite sure when I'm going to be brave enough to take it up again. At the moment, my wrist is still in a splint and a sling, but I'm supposed to be starting to get it mobile, and it hurts! It's also rather wonky. I think my real test of courage is going to be doing my first barre to the left (that is with my right hand on the barre). And then pirouettes, which normally I love.


ah well, it could be worse, I could have broken my ankle.

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Just so part of this makes a little more sense, I'm a senior in college set to graduate in May with a BA in Theatre and a minor in Dance (4 classes short of the major that starts next fall). While I love Dramaturgy, theatre history, and costume design, my passion in acting and I'd really like to teach it at the college level one day... I haven't stopped working on\doing some sort of acting in over 3 years.


So, four friends and I worked on monologues (8+ each), resumes, researched programs, wrote letters of intent, worried over headshots, and stressed about interviews with Grad schools for 5 whole months. Last weekend we all missed a week of classes and went up to auditions in NYC. Long story short, 2 of us got 1 callback each - I was one of the lucky ones there. However, even though the school who called me back complimented my work, etc., and another school we all auditioned for really liked all of our work and said we had very strong training, we were all (basically) told right then & there that we weren't old enough and needed more "life experience" & training to get into grad school.


WHY didn't anyone inform me that you have to have professional and life experience to be trained to go out and get professional experience and move on with the rest of your life?!?!? I mean what is that all about??? Ugh!


Then, we get back to school (utterly defeated and in a collective funk), tell our professors (obviously people with MFAs & PhDs) about our experience and they're all like "Oh, yeah, that's right - you should really get out on your own and do work for a while before you go to grad school". .... :blink: .... Gee, thanks for the heads-up, guys.


Basically, I have NO clue what I'm doing with my completely useless degree after 11am May 5th. Theatre at home (New Orleans) isn't what it was, I'm in no way qualified to do anything else, I started dancing at 19 and I'm not good so doing dance is in no way an option, and I was stupid and didn't have a backup plan. And have I mentioned that my hopes for, I don't know, the rest of my life were crushed? As a result I'm incredibly depressed, have suddenly started hating just about everyone around me, have become a hermit, and just want to give everything I love doing up because I'm clearly not good enough at it to do it for the rest of my life. Yes, I'm trying to tell myself I'm going to try again next year and apparently this is just what happens to people but... it's hard! One minute I'm almost okay with it and the next I'm getting ready to start crying again, reach for a Hershey's bar, and curl up in bed.


I've never quit anything - I just get through it no matter how tough it is and I learn from it wether I enjoy it or not. I just... don't know how to quit now that I have to.


And that was my whine. But I've been very good\smart and not touched any wine all week. :yes:

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I'm a person who went into an MFA program only a year after finishing undergrad. If it makes you feel any better, i wished I'd waited a few years longer. I have mixed feelings about it...some stuff worked out OK career-wise....but if I were to do it over, I'd have waited a few more years.

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It was a strange day today, so I'm going to post under the champagne lounge as well...But I have to rant now.


Well as you may know I've bought a pair of Gaynor Minden's and today was the first day that I actually danced in them and I was in a terrible pain, it hurts even to remember those minutes, I was almost screaming and this happens to me for the first time in my entire pointe life, now I actually know why people are talking about pain all the time; and now I can imagine how a toenail can possibly fall off. I thought mine were going to fall off the first second I was doing an echappe and fill my shoes' boxes with blood, thankfully that didn't happen but God, it was the real, hardcore pain... I tried those little blue sticky gels that come with the fitting kit but they didn't work at all. I was really hopeless, then I remembered my first pads which are made of rubber (and which I couldn't wear with my narrow Grishko's, but hey, I was doing perfect with my silicon pads only in them! :angry: ) Anyway I tried my relatively short shoes with them and I was like "how can I possibly wear them on, they are already a little short for my feet, these pads are going to make them shorter" but a miracle happened, and I wore them on, and I jumped on pointe a few times to see if it hurts but nothing! :D I'm still not sure about that tho, because it makes me feel the floor less.


Yet again, my right big toe still hurts beginning from the ball of the foot :( I guess it's about a nerve that's injured? :(

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Sounds like Feb. is already turning out to be a sucky month for many of us. Here's my addition: In my ballroom class on Wednesday night, a couple collided (quite hard) with my boyfriend and I. We weren't even dancing- we were off to the side being taugh a step by a teaching assistant). It was at a rather inopportune moment, as I had only one foot on the ground. When the couple crashed into us, I felt my ankle (the "bad" one) wrench and immediately reflexively put the other foot down to take the weight off of it, but ended up losing my balance and rolling over my 4 inch heels on my good ankle. Long story short, I'm out with two sprained ankles (a grade 2-3 and a grade 2). I feel like such an idiot. A purple-ankled fool. I had to miss ballet on Thursday and Friday. According to the walk-in doc, I'm supposed to "avoid walking" for a few days. The doctor actally prescribled me a wheelchair instead of crutches to "encourage" me to take things slowly (obviously I didn't get the chair!). Although I'm feeling much better physically and the swelling is already on its way down, I am seriously irked... Ballet has been going really well. On the "bright" side, the upcoming 10 days are reading break at my school, so I can actually rest (yay.)

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Ow! I hope all of you recover quickly from you injuries....


Skyish, I hear you on having 'weird' days - I had a fab Friday, yucky Saturday.... once again, I'm hating politics......

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I've been injured, and even though I'm making a really nice recovery, it's not going fast enough for my liking. I fractured a sesamoid in each foot in the beginning of December (actually, I probably did it before Thanksgiving, truth be told). I got the OK to go back to ballet in mid-January, but no jumping. I started doing some small jumps last week, which is good, but I'm very impatient and itching to be dong the big ones again, and be in shape again, all of that. This is taking too long! I had planned to go out auditioning this winter, but this has sidelined that plan. There's no way I'll be back in good enough shape before the end of audition season. I just hope it doesn't compromise my chances for the rest of my life, at this point.

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We have had no power, no water (we have an electric-powered well), going on two cold days now...and no ballet for a week (schools are out and studio is closed). I'm getting buggy and feeling stiff. To make matters worse, I've got a whiny DD who has missed her ballet classes all week and jazz class now for two weeks. My work (college) reopened today, so I've escaped briefly. Send warm thoughts (a gas and electric truck would be fine, too!) :)

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Guest megarina

I hurt my back pretty badly the Wed before 2 weekend performances about 3 weeks ago. I took time off after that (aside from teaching), went back to class Monday and found that it still REALLY HURTS. :)

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Aaaaand... I'm backsliding. My sesamoids are a bit inflamed this week. I've taken half of one class when I've usually had three or four (decided to take off the rest of the week and rest). Well, you win some, you lose some.

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First class after 2 weeks holidays is just not good (I did not have holidays, just no ballet, but the others had and everyone came back from skiing. Can you imagine the noise everyone made while stretching and plié? You could hear it crack through the whole house)


I hurt my toe on a little something that was in my shoe. It was the green little part of an orange where the fruit is attached to the there. I still wonder how it got into my shoes (I never carry food around in my dance bag...)

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I wish I could spend an hour one on one with a teacher for every class I take just to begin to catch up with people around me with dance backgrounds. In my head I can get what we're supposed to do, but trying to get all parts of my body coordinating and cooperating is another thing altogether!

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Nouvelle, theater in the Big Easy isn't what it was ... it's better. Yes, it's one thing that has triumphed there, and then some. There's plenty to check out with Tulane Summer Lyric as well as Le Petit Theatre, for starters. I don't know which university you attended, but a good friend of mine is a strong singer/dancer who also works in the area of guidance counseling for students at Tulane; she's been starring in non-stop productions since Katrina. If you'd like to talk to her, you could PM me and I'd fill you in on more. Also consider taking part in Tulane's annual summer jazz dance project (I've pasted the course info below).


DANC 396 New Orleans Jazz Dance Project: Newcomb College Summer Dance Festival (2)

Ms. Trask, staff. The New Orleans Jazz Project: Newcomb College Summer Dance Festival is presented for two weeks annually in June offering an intensive schedule of technique classes in jazz, African, musical theatre, tap, hip hop, and modern dance forms, with repertory classes which culminates in performance by the participants. Lecture-demonstration projects, special lectures, and professional performances complete programming for evening events. Final decision on placement of students in technique and repertory classes will be determined by the faculty at the beginning of the workshop. The minimum requirement for credit is three classes per day, one repertory class/rehearsals, attendance for all evening sessions and special events, and performance in repertory concert. Combined activities total 76 hours.


You might also consider looking into the ethnic troupe I performed with for years here -- they're gearing up for annual major performance in June before heading off for European tour. I believe they're going to Turkey this summer. With some hard work and desire, it's possible you could be touring and making money! But please don't say that theater isn't what it was here -- opportunities abound.

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Well, I broke my foot Saturday afternoon. And the show I was in opens Wednesday. The funny part - because one of our dancers broke her arm on Thursday, we had to pull in another dancer on Friday & had the extra rehearsal Saturday for her. Which is the reason we were there.

How did I do it? Jumped up into a double stag and then went stright to the floor for the roll after it (chasse, saute, roll, double stag, roll, chasse, saute, roll, jump, land & lay down), but I landed on TOP of my sickled-in foot\ankle. Fractured a metatarsal ("Jones" or "dancer's" fracture??) and... Sprained a ligament? I ignored it and kept dancing... Elevated & iced but kept walking... Even danced on it this morning to see if I could get through the dance and I could. I got through it twice, actually. After rehearsal I finally I went & had my blue, swollen foot x-rayed just to prove to myself that I didn't really hurt my foot... Well. I did. And now I'm wearing some sort of horrendous walking cast.

So not only am I out of my last dance show of college (and probably my life), but I have to sit out of all of my dance classes in my last semester here: Ballet II, Modern III, Jazz II, Pointe, & Dance Pedagogy. Oh, and I'm in a play where I have to chase someone around the stage and jump over\on a sofa.

I'm so incredibly heartbroken I can't stop crying. :)


I guess it's floor barre and pilates for me...

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