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Keeping Flexible While Not Dancing


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Hi guys!


I love dance,and have been dancing for about 3 years.I've taken jazz,ballet,pointe,and modern,but ballet/pointe was my main focus.


In October of 2005,I sprained my ankle extremely badly,and it kept me out of dance until September 2006,when I started taking modern...But then I sprained my ankle again in November,and I haven't taken classes since (although right now that's because I don't have the time since I'm in the school musical).


Because of not dancing,I've lost a lot of flexibility,and it's a little problematic since I have a major dancing role in the musical.


How can I regain my flexibility,and keep it better?


* I have been stretching and stuff,but I'm still not very flexible because my body is naturally extremely inflexible.


Thanks :D

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Since you are dancing in the musical, it would be a very good idea to totally warm up, like a full barre and floor exercises/stretching, before every rehearsal and performance. If you do this every day it should help a lot. The only to maintain flexibility when one is not naturally flexible is to work at every day. You can't let it go more than one day a week!

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I will try to do that everyday.


...But what should I do on days when I don't have time to do that before rehearsal?Actually,that's only one day (Mondays).I have school,then choir,then musical rehearsal back to back.

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Do the best you can to fit it in wherever you can. Do as much as you can, though, before the rehearsal starts, or between scenes, acts, whatever, whenever. It's not safe to dance without warming up, no matter what kind of dancing you are doing, especially since you are not naturally flexible.

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Well,we are always expected to get to rehearsal a little early so we can warm up and stretch ourselves...And I always have about 10 minutes,just not the time to do a full blown barre and stretch.

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