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DVD/Videos: Sleeping Beauty video

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Hi, as you may know, I'm dancing Carabosse this year; problem is, I want to dance on pointe, and unfortunately, choreographing it seems to be my job... I got some help from ania, and from an experienced student who dances Princess Florestine in my studio, but when we are improvising we just find "easy" steps to do.


Problem is, me and my teacher want this part to be a preparation for my next year's recital so I have to work hard and improve myself by working on it but it is not possible with our choreography made up with echappes, sous-sous's and changements.. :rolleyes:


In here, resources are very limited and I cannot find/buy ballet DVD's, and even if I could, I don't believe that I'm lucky enough to see Carabosse on pointe. Does any of you know of a company which danced this character on pointe and released a DVD of it? I'm doing my best to find videos, I mailed every ballet video uploader on youtube and all I could get was a big no :shrug: Please help if you know something about this...

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in a kirov film of SLEEPING BEAUTY - formerly available on videocassette and (i think) recently on dvd, which i may have seen on ebay, natalia dudinskaya dances carabosse on pointe.

the cast is headed by alla sizova as aurora and yuri soloviev as prince desire - natalia makarova and valery panov dance princess florine and the blue bird (much cut in the final edit of the film, alas).

i did an amazon search and it seems the title is not currently available.

i do believe however i've seen it as a dvd on ebay, maybe sold out of china?

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I have a VHS copy of that version. It comes from Lenfilm, out of Russia. Their website is www.lenfilm.ru , but they don't appear to do sales on the website. Perhaps they could direct you to a source, though.

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alla sizova as aurora and yuri soloviev as prince desire - natalia makarova and valery panov dance princess florine and the blue bird (much cut in the final edit of the film, alas).


I've just found this DVD on ebay, it says Leningrad National Opera and Ballet Theatre and it's chinese I guess. Lucky me, seller set the "ships to" section as "worldwide" so I can buy it if you are sure=)) But I have a quicker way to access Kirov The Sleeping Beauty 2001 DVD in which Altynai Asylmuratova and Konstantin Zaklinsky star as Aurora and Prince Florimund. Is Carabosse danced on pointe in that DVD?


Oops, by the way, this DVD is too old and I will have Region problem if I order it I guess. So I took a shot and found some other video which has a review that says "carabosse danced on pointe" , it's title is Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty - Ballet del Teatro Municipal (1982) does anyone have this? Oh bloody fortune!!!! It has a region too... Am I unlucky or what =(( Well my computer genius boyfriend says that he can eliminate the region thingy, I hope he can because I'm seriously planning to order this one...

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Thank you all for your help. Actually I was a little worried about Sizova/Soloviev DVD because you know, it's in black and white and Carabosse wears all black and I didn't want to miss little details(stupid thought? I don't know, maybe it's because ballet has changed so much since that tape was recorded and I'm not that much artistic, I'm a little athletic and I wanted something more like today's ballet :shrug: (well it sounds like a compliment when I call myself "athletic", actually I'm neither of them, I'm just a ballet wannabe=P)). That's why I'm waiting for my Australian Ballet DVD, which hopefully will arrive within 2 weeks =) Thanks again, these flowers are for you all :blushing:

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Athletic or wannabe, you're going to make a fabulous Carabosse Skyish!!! :)

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