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Hi, I can't fouette yet. :thumbsup::angry::angry:

Only in my dreams can I do them, and then I wake up and face the harsh reality :) .

I am not even talking about pointe work. Just to do a series on flat is not quite working. I am fine doing a few at the barre (In a rond de jambe en l'air combo for example).

But after class I stay and try to practice them. I attempt to do them one hand at the barre in series, but I am always afraid my knee hits the barre (cause it did once, and that hurts!).

In center, my supporting knee is bent and I find I can`t quite control the turn out of the working leg when it whips a la seconde.

I don`t know what to do anymore. :shrug::sweating::shrug::sweating:


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Practice doing demi plie, releve with correct coordination of the arms and legs at the barre. No turning. If you cannot get your supporting leg straight practicing demi plie/releve at the barre then you also will not in the centre of the room..


If I am recalling correctly from previous posts, you have not been studying ballet that long. It just might be too soon to be accomplishing pas fouette tour at this point. It is quite diffiicult. Keep practicing, if that is what your teacher would like. If not, maybe you could wait a bit until you are a little more prepared to accomplish? :wink:

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Great advice! I will try and apply it. You are right, personally I feel I could wait a few months to attempt fouette turn, but we do have them in class... My training is so far going pretty well, except for that step...

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