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double pirouettes en pointe


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I'm having trouble with double pirouettes when I'm on pointe. Singles are fine but when I try for a double I start to lean back, but I don't feel like I'm doing anything different then when I do a single. What could I be doing wrong? :)



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Hello Meg17, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


To know what you are doing wrong we would need to see you, however, it sounds like you are just throwing yourself back with the extra force for the double pirouette. Two pirouettes on pointe really do not take much force, as one turns so much easier and faster on pointe than on demi pointe. Be sure you move forward and up on your supporting hip, don't throw the leading arm too far back, bring the other side around from the back muscles, get the second spot finished to the same place as the first, and lift yourself up even more at the end of the turn in orde to lower the retiré leg to the floor while you are still busy going up, not coming down!

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