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Does anyone have any knowledge about this particular company? I believe they're a more modern dance type group based out of Houston, but am not at all sure.

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One of the dancers at our studio was accepted as a trainee there last year. It is a Christian based company more modern although I do think they do ballet. Hopefully someone will weigh in more for you.

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A very nice woman from our church gave me a brochure for their summer program a few years ago; the daughter of a friend of hers was in the company. The one thing that I remember about it was that the company members need to raise their own support ($$$), similar to the philosophy behind many missionary groups.

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Wow! Saw them for the first time tonight at our local studio here. They are quite good. They did a piece with chairs (one on wheels!) to "Pie Jesu" from Phantom of the Opera and I needed to fish out my kleenex. :wink: Beautiful contemporary liturgical dancing. I usually ring in on what a desert south Texas is for this or really ANY kind of dance that isn't pompom girls on a football field, but not tonight! These women blew me away.


Clara Cravey is one of their faculty!!

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I had a friend who danced with them for a few years but is now not dancing with them. You do have to raise your own support. They toured some; they danced at Project Dance in NYC and they went to a foreign country, maybe the Philippines? It is a Christian company. They have a summer intensive that lasts one week and is in early August usually if you would like to check them out. Here's their website. My friend enjoyed dancing with them, and some ballet is in their rep., not sure how much; she called their company "ballet based modern". She left the company because she wanted to try something different and I think she is freelancing now. Their August SI is pretty cheap tuition wise and there is a discount for registering early, and you stay in a hotel with shuttle service. I have never been to their SI and I sadly have never seen this company perform since I do not live close to Houston.

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Guest GemMetta

I don't know where you live, but if you live close to Jackson, MS they have performed at Belhaven College and came and staged a piece on the dancers here last year. They have a fairly close relationship with BC and I think come here every so often; a few of our alumni have danced with them. Don't know if that helps at all... :-)

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I can be of some help here.... the company I dance in worked in conjunction them last season. We took some company classes with them; they do Graham-based floorwork exercises as well as some Limon technique. Their rep has , as Tiffany's friend had stated, what would would call "ballet based modern" but I saw a lot of Graham-influenced movement as well.

A few of their dancers performed in 'There is a Time' (Limon, 1956) with us; we also performed the piece in one of their concerts and I have to say that they are a truly lovely group to work with. I really enjoyed the experience that I had when we worked with them. :(

Two of my students attended their intensive earlier this month. They have an excellent faculty (yup, including Clara Cravey), and my girls really enjoyed the classes.

I don't think I have PM abilities yet, but feel free to e-mail me if you would like. I will be seeing my students on Tuesday and can ask them a bit more about the intensive.

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Euphorialsadness, you do indeed now have PM privileges. This last post changed you from a new member to a full member. :yes:

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