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Magazines: Young Dancer Magazine

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My old ballet school used to subscribe to Young Dancer Magazine, and I enjoyed picking it up every once in a while and reading through it. But after I left the studio, I never saw it again, or really wondered about it, until recently. I tried to look it up online but I kept getting messages saying it stopped being published. Does anyone know anything about that? It was a good magazine for a young dancer to read and I'll be sad if it is truly inaccessable. :D Any info on it that you have would be welcome!






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Here is one published by Dance Mag:

Young Dancer


So maybe contact Dance Magazine to see if they still publish it.


Let us know :D

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I believe the link above is the one that is no longer being published. My dd used to get it, but started to receive Dance Mag instead. I don't know what happened to it. It was a great magazine for the 10-14 age group.

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Thank you for the info, 5-6-7-8!


So it sounds like the next thing would be to contact Dance Mag and ask why they're not publishing it anymore.

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When they first published they sent it out for free several times in a row, in decent quantities to studios and stores. Later they put subscription cards in them, the assumption could be made that not enough subscription cards were filled out and sent it to make publishing worthwhile. Just a wild guess but I myself used to pick it up and read it at the studio but never sent in that card because it wasn't a big enough issue for me to want to subscribe to it.

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I think that the younger girls also enjoy reading Pointe Magazine.


In the 90's Dance Magazine was THE magazine to read. But it wasn't as appealing to the younger teen dancer. Articles were too serious in nature to appeal to 10-14 year olds. With the baby boomers reaching the young teen years in 2000, that's about the time that Pointe Magazine came out and it just took off. It had a lot of articles and photos that appealed to the younger dance crowd, and gradually grew up with its subscription base, adding articles about men (recent cover is male) and keeping the youthful appearance.


Dance Teacher, Dance Spirit are also from the same publisher.


Dance Magazine added Young Dancer to appeal to its youth, but couldn't get a grasp of the market and dancewear stores wouldn't carry it.


Dancer Magazine is also interesting to read. But it doesn't sell as much on the west coast.

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I used to love Young Dancer Magazine but unfortunately they stopped publishing it!! :shrug: Is there any way to get back issues of this magazine? I only had gotten one issue when they stopped publishing it. Does anyone know?

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We just recently had a discussion on that very topic! The only thing I can think of is to try your local library :shrug:


YD Mag

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Temps de cuisse

McFadden Media bought Dance Magazine and all the Life Style media magazines (Pointe, Dance Spirit, Dance Teacher etc). I am sure that YD was eliminated as it was DM answer to the very popular Pointe magazine. For young ballet dancers, Pointe magazine follows in the same style as YD, just a bit more sophisticated. I would recommend you try it.

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