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Unequal turnout


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My legs have different turnout ability. On the left, the natural turnout ability is about 10 degrees more than the right. Given this, should I be working each leg to its ability, or trying to make them both the same? I am trying to strengthen them both, but the degree of "true" turnout is different. :D

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nzdancer this is the case with most students and professionals in ballet so do not fret too much! :D Work both legs to their fullest potential with the utmost attention to rotation of the thighs. Be very concerned with increasing the turn out as the working leg lowers from a raised position as well as when straighten the legs from a demi plie be sure to have the feeling of turning two legs out more. :blushing:

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When working with children, I follow a strict "turn out only to the ability of your less turned-out side" rule. I have them work this way, and then while they are learning steps and working on their overall placement, I have them doing exercises to slowly try to build turn-out on their less flexible side. Then, once they've got even turn-out, they can do everything to their maximum potential. When kids turn out more on one side, it can lead them to twist their hips and contort their lower backs, without even realizing they're doing so. Sometimes they report doing this in order to feel "even". Often, they still aren't. I think it also can lead to holding unnecessary tension, which is always counterproductive in ballet, and just bad for a body all-around. That said, you're an adult, with the attendant differences in processing and experience, but maybe keep a feeler out for tension in your hip flexors and lower back, and for twisting.


vrsfanatic, you have way more experience than I have with teaching. Do you have any advice for working maximal turnout with kids?

(edited to add: I probably ought to have asked this on the teacher's board, but can't double-post now that I've posted here. Please feel free to post a response there and I will keep an eye out.)

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insidesoloist, maybe you might like to open a thread on the Teacher's Forum so we are able to keep the subjects separated? :thumbsup:


In teaching adults and children, the approach I use has always been the same. The physical abilites are what may change (although not always), not how ballet is taught and accomplished. I am from the school of thought that good ballet is good ballet and it really does not change. What changes is the accomplishment level of those doing it. :)

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