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Books: Pointe Shoes,Tips and Tricks


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I have seen the German (original) edition of it, and found it very useful, especially the tips on "tuning" the shoes. It will come out in English in 2007. Here is the Link. There are also plans to translate it into Spanish and French.

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You can go to Babel Fish, put in the web address & choose German to English to view the website in English.

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You are welcome.


Angela Reinhardt also offers seminars/workshops on pointe shoe fitting. I have no personal experience yet, but I would love to attend one. I believe she is located in Berlin, Germany. I will feed back if I have any news; I am travelling to Berlin next weekend for a dance psychology workshop.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Robi!! :clapping:


Please introduce yourself on our Welcome Forum, so our lovely welcome Lady can officially welcome you. :)


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Please join in on discussions! :o

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LOL!!! I've heard the stitching pictured on those shoes referred to as "Frankensteining" It's a cheap, easy way of getting rid of excess bagginess and taking the sides down, without an expensive custom order. I've seen that make a huge difference on feet that are actually just so-so.


Those shoes have every possible thing done to them. I'm curious about the purpose of the slit under the drawstring casing to "lace" the ribbons through, though.


Cool book. I love doing stuff to my shoes, and they actually *do* last quite a long time with the correct manipulations. And without a drop of shellac or glue (which always seems to mess up the "action" in my shanks). Hmmm... maybe I need some tips on how to shellac properly:)

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Hi, can anyone tell me anything about this book, it looks interesting -

"Over 280 colour illustrations show how to modify shoes step by step, using scissors, needle and thread, hot water and elastic, to adapt pointe shoes perfectly for all types of foot and all types of floor surface"

I was wondering what people's opinions on it are? Is it worth investing in? And is it just the basic stuff like how to sew ribbons etc... or would it be useful to someone who is well used to those kind of basic things?


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Oops, I'm so sorry, I just saw that there is already a thread on this book, when I searched it before posting it didn't come up for some reason.... I must have done something wrong, again, I'm so sorry! :)

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No worries! I'll find the other thread and merge it with this one if you'd like, or I can delete this topic. Let me know! :)

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Done! And don't worry- honest mistakes are well tolerated around here!! :yes:

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I actually met Angela last Spring in Berlin (she attended one of my workshops).


She told me that during her training and dance career, she had a hard time finding shoes that fitted her properly, thus she experienced with manipulating her pointes quite a bit. She is extremely knowledgeable and also very patient when it comes to individual needs of dancers. I am so glad that I met her in person!

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