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Bolshoi and Kirov


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I was wondering- if a dancer would audition to be a member of either the Bolshoi or the Kirov Ballet Theatres and they did not graduate from their respective schools, would they even be considered?

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I can't even remember anybody not Russian (or part of the former Soviet Union) being a member of either company.

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But they do have and have had Russian dancers who have graduated or began their studies at schools other than the Vaganova Academy and the Moscow Choreographic School (not sure what it's called in English).

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I think the farthest away dancer they've employed was trained at the Novosibirsk School.

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I thought so. What about the other companies like SPBY or Moscow City Ballet or something else along those lines?


Also, what about the 2 year program at the Vaganova Academy open to international students? What exactly is that supposed to do for you? (obviously, other than gaining wonderful technique and everything else that would come from such terrificly intense training)

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Are we perhaps discussing a hypothetical American student getting a job with a Russian ballet company? Well, you know a snowball? You know Hell?

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I think the only non-Russian/non-CIS dancer to have danced with the Kirov/Mariinsky Ballet (other than as a guest artist) is Ti Yon Riu, who is currently a “coryphée” in the company. She is from South Korea but trained at the Vaganova Academy (I don’t know if she entered as a child or a bit later in life after some ballet training in her native country). Her biography: http://www.mariinsky.ru/en/ballet/soloist/riu


I am 99% certain that the Kirov/Mariinsky would never employ a dancer who had graduated from a ballet school outside of Russia or the CIS.

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well here is a "foreigner" part of the company. I think she might be married to a company member though...but don`t know which one came first (marriage or contract), so perhaps it has changed her citizenship status...

ti yon riu

also I think at least one non russian performed with the Rimsky Korsakov troup. cannot remember the name but he teaches at the RWB.

as for americans... dont know. :thumbsup:

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I believe that the most recent American considered for a place at the Mariinsky was Edward Caton, and that was before the 1917 Revolution. Winnipeg seems to have some kind of special relationship with Petersburg, Anna-Marie and David Holmes having been sent there, according to Anna-Marie, by clerical error.

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What, if anything, did Rasta Thomas have to do with a Russian Company? I vaguely recall reading something like that. Now that I wrote that- I'm off to find the answer.



edited immediately to correct name and add- he did some work with the Kirov, with principal roles in some ballets Rasta Thomas Webpage

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Quite as near as I recall, he was brought in as a guest artist (a dancer with an independent career already established) for about a year and not a general member of the Maryinsky. He was especially wanted for their production of "Le Jeune Homme et la Morte".

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I couldn't tell what exactly he was to them, as the site just lists roles and ballets performed. It does give one hope that you may at least be able to guest with them, which is a huge honor in my book.

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