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Has anyone seen "A Day for Dancing" by Lloyd Pfautsch? It is a liturgical work for chorus of mixed voices, flute, oboe, bassoon, percussion, and a company of dancers. It presents nine carols based on subjects which are traditionally selected as the scripture readings for the very popular Service of Lessons and Carols. (They tell the story of Christmas, beginning with Old Testament prophecies, through the birth of Jesus, the angels, the shepherds, the wise men, etc.; the readings can, very appropriately, be interspersed between the carols.) Supposedly the dancers make it all come alive in a very special way.


I have found a place to buy the music, but I'm not sure if choreography is also available or if you must do your own.


Has anyone seen this work?



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Volkwein's in Pittsburgh would likely be a good source of information for you. They would also likely have the music, but may be able to advise you on the choreography as well. . .I've always found them to be helpful.

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i know this is an old post but i am new to this forum. I danced in A Day for Dancing twice. once in high school but the second time was in college at Texas Christian University. It is a beautiful work, musically and the version i danced in college was absolutley wonderfully choreographed by Jerry Bywaters Cochran. i have no idea if the university dance department has any info or videos available. but you may search out Jerry and see, i know she has a library of her works in Dallas, I believe. the Choreography and music and costuming were some of my favorite i have ever danced or been a part of. I hope by now you have already found what you needed, but i thought you might be interested.

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