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For PsFs, and anyone else with pertinent information: we have booked the flight to Spain, & hope to fit in a "side trip" to Berlin during DD's time there. Any suggestions on safe places to stay in both Madrid & Berlin? PsFs kindly forwarded a link to hostels, but am unsure which to choose - if anyone has personal experience with this, please advise! There will be two dancers -



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I moved this topic to it's own thread since there was so much discussion. Good luck to all attending and please report back on what you find...........carry on.

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PsFs, and any others in Madrid - dance daughter & friend will be staying at the Tryp Ambassador Hotel. Do you have an idea what daily expenses might entail? Such as what it costs to eat a couple meals a day, generally fruit & salad type items (I'm not talking about the hotel specifically, more in what's in the surrounding area). It looks as though they are within walking distance of the company auditions, so that's an expense saver :o

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dcportrait - from our family and my son's experiences in Europe (Paris, Germany and Italy), your daughter will need about a minimum of 25-30 Euros (I think 20Euros would be really tight) - drinks run from 1.5E to 4E (Paris), while salads are usually 6 - 8E/10E, then dinner. He was at the Ballet Adriatico SI last summer, but it was in a smaller city, so he found really good sandwiches at lunch for 5E in the local cafes, fruit was also cheap, but this was also summer. Paris is more expensive. Spain may be more on par with Italy with regards to buying meals/food. You may get a better estimate from our European members.

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During my last visit to Barcelona I found the food to be pricey. Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan city and does a lot of cruise ship business thus the pricey food. But I'm sure those who know the city well can find food for less.

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Looks like I've come back to the thread a little too late to answer your food/expenses questions....Sorry!! :clapping: Most of my on-line time of late has been doing English translations of the articles for a ballet website/magazine/forum here in Spain, so I feel kind of out of touch and "behind the times" on a lot of the topics here on Ballet Talk.


I am excited to hear news of your dd's audition in Madrid, what it was like and how it went for her. I have just finished reading the 10 page thread on professional auditions, and it is a scary world out there. Hopefully hers was a positive experience!!


My dd arrives tomorrow morning (Tues), and we will drive to Barcelona on Wed for the Thursday moring audition. Hopefully jet lag won't be an issue. I am eager to see what info she may "get" about the company, and we would also like to drive up to La Granja to see the place where the new company and future school will be. I'll try to post some of our findings next weekend!

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PsFs -

Nice to see you "back on"! I tried to send you a personal message, but it bounced back to me. She had a very positive audition, as did her dance friend with whom she travelled. They are waiting to hear, after all auditions are done.

Unfortunately, she called me today with the sad news that her wallet has gone AWOL....she filed a report with the police department, I have cancelled her cards, luckily, her passport was separate from the wallet. She is without money and credit cards, but luckily, has her friend with her to help out until they get on that plane Weds. am....geesh...

Good luck to your daughter on her audition!


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Would like to hear about the audition details, such as cuts, how many dancers attended,etc.

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I know the day DD & her friend auditioned (3/24/07), there were 2 audition times posted. They were assigned the afternoon audition (after pre-registering). When they reported, they were split into 2 separate classes, and there were cuts made. I know in my DD's class, she was one of 8 remaining, & in her friend's class, the friend was one of 10 remaining. I don't know how many were in each class. Will ask her when she gets back (late tomorrow). They did not know anyone else who was auditioning.



From Ballet Talk (sister site) posted today:


More than 700 dancers from all over the world attended the first 3 day auditions made by a jury composed by relevant people of the international dance world such as Cynthia Harvey or Vladimir Vasiliev.


According to what Corella reported to Europa Press Televisión nearly all members have already been selected but the final decision will be made when Barcelona’s auditions have finished. He was very surprised because of the high level of the attendants who came from all over the world, London, Japan, Australia….


Wow...I had no idea so many would be attending - and they still have Barcelona to go! What an outpouring! Good luck to all! :)

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I just picked up my DD & her friend (also a dancer) from JFK airport in NYC from the Madrid audition (after being up for 36+ hours! LOL)

They had a fabulous time in Madrid, and enjoyed the audition very much. My daughter reported there were about 40-50 girls in her class (same in her friend's class - they were split), and there was a separate audition earlier in the day for men. In my DD's audition, everyone was given the courtesy of a full class, but a select few were asked to stay & perform more combinations.

Results will be given next week, at the conclusion of all auditions.

Good luck to everyone who auditioned, and anyone else who has yet to audition in Barcelona (PsFs's daughter?) :yes:


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Wow, One expensive audition!



:shrug: I'll say! But they all add up, in one way or another - glad she's home safe & sound, with a great experience behind her, to boot!

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