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Ballet Talk for Dancers

dancers on myspace :D


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are there any ballet girls here who are about my age (im 13) who wants to talk on myspace??? i dont have any dancer friends there :D

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Carrie--we don't encourage sharing that information here among our young dancers. It is a safety issue as more people can see your post than just young dancers. We also encourage new members to read our stickies up at the top of each forum prior to posting. This would be a very good idea for you since a couple of your first posts have been questionable. We hope you will continue to make your way around here but within our guidelines.

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The moderators are correct on this one (as they always are), Carrie. Let me give you a little historical background on information-sharing:


We founded the Ballet Talk boards 9 years ago, and found that a few people were using the information gained onboard to try to "zero in" on "little ballerinas". We modified the registration information requirements, and that has seemed to set the problem to rest, at least to the level where we haven't heard of it since we made the change. People who register for the boards have been shy about putting their locations other than "United States", too, which helps avoid stalkers. (But when these posters ask for information about things "near me", that does complicate matters.) We've left the location as it is presently, because it helps us recognize spammers immediately, before they even post on the boards, usually.


So that's the reason we discourage "over-sharing" on the open board. When you've been here for two weeks and have made thirty posts, then you'll be eligible to be put on the Buddy Board, where you can share more personal information than on the main forums themselves. You'll have to ask us yourself to be put on that private forum once you have been on the board for two weeks and have thirty posts. We change you over manually, because by that time, we figure we know you well enough to tell whether you're a genuine teen or not.

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sorry!!!!!!!! i um definitely dont want to have a part in that kind of stuff!!!

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Just to double-check, the Buddy Board isn't "that stuff". It's a private forum not visible to people that aren't in the "Teen" classification of membership. Most kids there talk about things like hair and fashion.

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Oh yes, Ms. Leigh and I keep an eye on things there, and read it, but don't step in very often.

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