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totally flat feet


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my feet are completely and totally and absolutely flat when i put pressure on them. i struggle in dance class to keep my arch at least a little bit up but it usually doesn't work.


thankfully i have really really naturally flexible tendons etc so i have a really good pointed foot. will this affect how soon i can go on pointe or how hard it will be???

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Since this is a question about technique and not pointe shoes, I'm moving this topic to the proper forum.

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And since it's here, I might as well answer it. How high an arch or an instep is is really not as important as how the foot articulates. Since you say that your pointed foot looks good, then everything between standing as a supporting foot and pointing as a working foot should look good too. Working through the foot in tendu, degagé, frappé, pas de cheval, and in taking a really good position sur le cou de pied should give you lots of practice in articulating the foot, that is, making it work completely through every joint - like an unfolding.

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that is cool! hehe i theres a girl in my studio with that name....sweetness :D lol



thanks for the explanation mel that's very, VERY good to know!!! :)

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:) Carrie, just so you know, it is "Mr. Johnson" or "Major Mel".


He probably wouldn't tell you that, but he and Miss Leigh are the moderators of this technique forum and are to be addressed as you would your teacher in class. It is a sign of respect that we require on the Board. :D

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It's a "social fiction" we keep here, to keep the idea that we have a sort of ballet class online. :D That's impossible of course, but we try to keep the environment as much like a classroom as possible. By me, I don't really care what I'm called, as long as it isn't late for dinner, but it's the discipline that counts! :)

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ooooooooooooops :wallbash:

ill keep that in mind :bouncing:

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