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Here is a long shot. Does anyone recognize the name Inesse Alexandrovich. She had a studio in the Skokie, Ill. area and was a former dancer with the Bolshoi. I lived next to her in Florida in the early 1990's at her winter home. Unfortunately, my DD was just born, so she never really knew her.

Although she was well into her 60's, her gracefulness was unmistakable. If anyone knows anything about her or her studio, it would be wonderful.

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I do know of whom you are speaking however I have not been in contact with her in over 15 years. Sorry. When I Google her, nothing concrete comes up. :)

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That is fantastic. We knew her around the same time. Around 1992-96. This is around the time Simon (Her husband ) past away and she sold the house in Tampa. Do you know the school she owned. There is a school called Ballet Russe in Skokie that may have been it. I Googled her name too and only came up with a newspaper article reference, but I couldn't get a copy of the article. I am not sure if she is still around and I guess that is what I am trying to find out.

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Yellow pages websites are a good place to look for people, and they are pretty up-to-date. An acquaintance passed away, and only a week later his address and phone number were listed under his widow's name.

There is also a website "People Search". I was able to find the person you are looking for (age and residences in Tampa and Skokie checked out), but one must pay for the info... would you? It's peoplesearch dot com.


Contrary to popular belief, Google does not know everything ;)

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Try searching the anglicized "Inesse Alexandrov." I believe you will find out more.

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