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I dont know where to put this or even if I can post this. Well my birthday is in one week , all of my friends are dancers and we like to dance when we get together. I have no idea what to do at my party but I want to do something dance related. Any dance games or ideas??

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How about some group choreography? Separate the party into groups, depending on the number. Pick a piece of music and let each group create their own choreography and see how different they are. Or, have each group create a section, and then put them all together into a whole dance. :shrug:


Another idea would be a vocabulary game. Show a step or a movement or position, or a series of steps, and see who can write the name of it correctly.


Another one. Charades using the names of ballets. :blushing:

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one fun thing to do could be themed dancing, i did this at my birthday party. at the beginning of the party, ask every one to write a verb on a slip of paper. then when the game comes around, pull out a verb and divide the girls into groups. have them all make up a mini dance incorporating that verb. for example, if the verb was cat, you could could do a lot of pas desha (spelling???) or if it was a bird you could do an esemble and flap your arms. then you could judge whoever used the verb in the ballet the best, and the winning group could get a prize! a great creative game!


have fun



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Rachie, have you considered getting a ballet dictionary? The Gail Grant Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet is a good place to start. It's only $5, and it's available in most major bookstores and right here on Amazon.com, which you can access by clicking on the link above.


The steps your mentioned are pas de chat, and assemblé. :blushing: We really encourage young dancers to learn the vocabulary of their chosen art form. :shrug:

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Rachie, the point is, you do not need to be clueless! If ballet is your chosen art form, then it is not cool to be illiterate in that area! :o Get a copy of the Gail Grant, or even better, Gretchen Ward Warren's book "Classical Ballet Technique". You can also visit the ABT website, http://www.abt.org and you will find a video dictionary there. However, nothing beats a book that you can have with you all the time! :)

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my always fav is gonna have to be freeze dance. but another thing you can do is have each person make up an 8 count and then put them all together and see if everyone can remember it, then put on preformance at the end for everyone's parents. :)

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my favorite game to play with dancers is twister. i know it doesn't have to do with dance, but it can get really crazy with a ton of bendy dancers. :D

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